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Men Who Marry Chubbier Women are Happier, Says Science

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By Kat Gal

Women across the globe continue to torture themselves with starvation diets and deprivation. Obsessed with a certain body image, they go to extreme lengths to make sure they never gain an extra pound. 

Why? To impress men!


But is that really what men even want? 

Men Are Happier with Curvy Women

The thing is that many men prefer ladies with curves. They not only like them but turns out they are actually happier being with them.

Seriously, when was the last time a men turned you down for an extra few pounds?! Likely never. And if anyone has, trust me, he doesn’t worth your time, girlfriend.

According to a new study by Filemon Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales at the psychology department of UNAM, men who are married to or in a relationship with chubby women are TEN times happier than men whose partner is skinny. They not only tend to smile more but also have an easier time solving problems.

Curvy Women Rock Through History


This makes sense on a biological level. Wider hips, larger breasts and a healthy layer of fat are all signs of fertility and health on an instinctual level. Examining history, during various times, including ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and the Renaissance, larger and curvier women were celebrated as the ideal body type. Certain cultures, especially in Africa and in Pacific islands, still consider overweight women ideal and healthier.

This doesn’t mean that naturally slim women have to be worried. Everyone is attracted to different people. Some men prefer curvy women at a healthy BMI, some prefer overweight women and others prefer slim and less-curvy women.

The point is that we have to forget about ideal bodies and body trends. We need to stop torturing ourselves with unhealthy diets, restrictions, overexercising and unrealistic expectations. Find ways that make YOU feel beautiful regardless of the number on a scale! 

You are Beautiful! 


While yes, we should all strive for health and wellness in our own bodies, all women and all bodies are beautiful regardless of their shapes and size. Ladies, men are attracted to healthy women who enjoy delicious food and are comfortable in their skin, not women who lack confidence, hide their bodies and count every calorie.

Nourish your body with healthy food. Move your body with joy. Let your body find it’s happy place and happy size. Stop obsessing. Stop punishing yourself.

You are loveable. You are beautiful. When you let your confident self and inner-beauty shine, men will love you regardless your size.

Jenna Barrington

Jenna Barrington

Jenna is a writer, entrepreneur and the CEO of The Hired Pen. She has been working as a freelance writer and blog manager for many years. Jenna has a degree in Nutritional Health Counseling and extensive training as a copywriter and in search engine optimization. She has always had a passion for writing and loves to create space for people to express their passions, inner thoughts and voices through the written word. Jenna is dedicated to providing audiences around the world
with high-quality content that is research-based, well thought out and designed to create positive impact. When she is not writing, Jenna loves spending time with her daughter and their golden retriever exploring the outdoors, eating at Asian restaurants, doing martial arts, or drinking milkshakes while watching comedies. If you want to reach Jenna personally you can email her at
Jenna Barrington

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