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Microwaves and Protecting Your Health

Microwaves and Protecting Your Health
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Let’s  talk about a common household appliance that is almost redundant in homes these days. You guessed it. The microwave.

The dangers of microwave cooking are often one of the most ignored. You can find a microwave literally almost anywhere these days, from homes, to convenience stores, to restaurants, to schools and more. It is one of the most important contributors to ill health and still the majority of the population totally ignores it.

In fact, the dangers of microwave ovens has been proven. But because they are so darn convenient, and can heat up the family meal in literally minutes people once again choose convenience over good health.

In grocery stores, catering to the idea of convenience you can find aisle after aisle of microwavable dinners, microwavable steam in the bag veggies, and microwavable munchies and deserts. People are literally inundate with convenience foods and because lifestyles are so jam packed these days, you are desperate to make meal prep as quick and painless as possible.

Why do you think our country is so over run with obesity? Because we have thousands of fast food joints, waiting to cater to the need for convenience, and shoveling out quick, yet high fat and unhealthy foods by the pound. It’s no wonder microwaves are so seductive to the stressed and harried!

People are wising up to the unhealthy foods being distributed by the McDonalds of the world, and now see microwavable meals as a great healthy alternative. Steamed veggies? How can they NOT be good for me? Lean Cuisine? Perfect! And only 320 calories to boot!

Unfortunately people are still being led astray when it comes to true good health. Microwaves not only damage your food but also your health.

For instance:

  • Microwaves have been shown to decrease anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-microbial flavonoids by 97%.
  • Microwaves have been shown to reduce levels of the vitamin B 12, which is an essential part of new red blood cell formation, as well as a healthy nervous system. It also helps to prevent anemia.
  • Microwaves break down important bacteria-digesting enzymes found in breast milk. Babies need these enzymes to help them maintain their inner health and digest food, absorb nutrients, and protect against pathogens effectively. It also decreases the antibodies in a mothers milk that helps to protect them from getting infections.
  • Microwaves cause carcinogenic toxins to leach from plastic or paper plates, which then mixes with your food.
  • Microwaves cause the chemical structure of foods to change, and there is unknown consequences of these effects!

Using the microwave to cook your food vibrates the molecular structure in ways nature did not intend. This in turn damages the food, eeks out the nutritional value, and makes the food literally incapable of providing the nourishment it was meant to provide. And those are just a FEW of ill effects microwaving can have on your health!

Healthier microwave alternatives:

  • Instead of zapping your fruits or veggies, eat them raw or very lightly streamed to retain the most nutritional value possible.
  • You can try an electric kettle to heat your water for hot drinks, and the good ones work almost as quickly as your microwave.
  • If you must use the microwave, use glassware, not plastic. Plastic can leach a nasty chemical called Bisphenol A that has been linked to some cancers, early puberty, and others. It also affects neural and reproductive development. Yuck.
  • A great alternative to a microwave is a small convection oven. These cook faster and more evenly than a conventional oven and don’t endanger your health!
  • You can even use your conventional oven if it comes down to it. Yes it takes a bit of getting used to, but well worth it once you consider all the dangers you are subjecting yourself to with a microwave.

For myself, between the pesticides that are rampant in our food, the processing and packaging it all goes through, I feel that we lose enough of the vital nutrients we need for good health. No need to bring it home and suck every last chance of getting real nutritional value from my food by blasting it with radiation! Just my .2 cents.

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