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Can the City of San Diego Make Monsanto Pay?

Monsanto San Diego
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Monsanto San DiegoFor decades Monsanto has poisoned our planet with one deadly chemical after another and, of course, their lies. And all the while, they’ve raked in billions of dollars of profit with relatively few consequences.

Well, San Diego has finally decided to strike back by filing a lawsuit against the company for polluting the San Diego Bay. Reportedly, toxins and chemicals, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), have been discovered in both the water and the marine life. Despite being banned for nearly three decades, some of these chemicals can still be found in the waterways today.

The History of Monsanto’s Wrongdoing

The lawsuit claims that Monsanto polluted the bay during the 1930s through to the 1970s with chemicals they knew were carcinogenic and hazardous. More specifically, the suit says that Monsanto was aware that PCBs could cause cancer as early as 1930 and yet, continued to produce products containing the chemicals. They were used in buildings, cable coatings and even dentistry.

What’s even worse, Monsanto may have even known that environmental contamination was inevitable, despite telling U.S. officials just the opposite. They claimed PCBs were harmless and would have no adverse effects on the surrounding area.

Not surprisingly, residents and visitors alike are disturbed by the continued presence of the chemicals. As a result, the city wants Monsanto to pay to clean up the area and to compensate them for lost natural resources.

How Monsanto is Denying Responsibility

Of course, Monsanto tells a much different story. According to their version of events they sold “a lawful and useful product at the time,” and did no wrong.

Instead, they suggest that the U.S. Navy is likely responsible for disposing of the chemicals improperly and should therefore pay the damages. It remains to be seen whether a judge will side with Monsanto or the U.S. Navy.

How Much is This Going to Cost?

Realistically, even if the lawsuit sticks, Monsanto will not be hit very hard.

Due to the chemicals that have been dumped, the city has already incurred fines of close to $1 million, and have paid an additional $6.5 million to the Shipyards Sediment Site to help clean up the bay. But such costs are insignificant for a giant corporation like Monsanto.

The Real Damage

The real costs have already been felt by the bay area. PCBs have been found just about everywhere, in both the water and the marine life. Due to their chemical structure, PCBs are highly carcinogenic and cause a variety of other health problems.

Yet, for decades Monsanto has continued to pollute the area without repercussions. Even after PCBs were found to cause cancer, even today, the negative effects are still being felt.

The heartbreaking part of this story is that even if the lawsuit succeeds, there will be no justice. Not for the families that have been effected by decades of deception and negligence. No amount of money will ever undue the harm that has been done.


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