Most People Have No Idea This Unique Park In Florida Exists

Dinosaur World, Florida
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Florida is well-known for its variety of parks, drawing tourists from all over the world for different reasons. With state parks displaying natural beauty, theme parks providing entertainment and excitement, and local parks offering relaxing places to play, Florida is definitely a place to see! But that’s not all! There is also a little-known park conveniently located between Orlando and Tampa in Plant City, Florida. It combines all of these unique park types, and that’s not even the coolest thing about it… (1, 2)

This park is dinosaur themed!

Most People Have No Idea This Unique Park In Florida Exists

Dinosaur World Florida is Central Florida’s one and only attraction dedicated to these giants of history. Visiting this world of dinosaurs in Plant City, Florida, is any child’s dream come true. Not only is the park filled with fun and exciting dinosaurs, but it’s also far less expensive and less crowded that many of Florida’s other theme parks. (1, 2)

Dinosaur World Florida has over 200 life-size dinosaur sculptures accurately displaying how we believe these herculean creatures appeared. They also didn’t skimp on quality. Polystyrene foam covered in fiberglass, and then fiberglass covered with layers of putty work together to present realistic form and texture. Once the texture is perfect, the sculptures are painted with such detail to create mesmerizing realism. (1, 2)

Dinosaur World Is Unique From All Other Floridian Parks

The Dinosaur Walk is where you go to view the park’s dinosaur sightings. The dinosaurs are all set within luscious, native vegetation and water features. These natural details help bring the sculptures to life. Some of the dinosaurs impressively sit on the water while others hide within the plant life, creating scenes with personality and realism, and a wonderful experience for any child or dino-lover. (1, 2)

Do you happen to know any children who are obsessed with dinosaurs? At Dinosaur World, kids get the opportunity to meet all of their favorites prehistoric creatures. They will see the Tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, brontosaurus, and plenty of other impressive species. The number of sights to see and the detail put into both the sculptures and the surrounding areas help set this park apart from any others in Florida. (1, 2)

Dinosaur Park Bonuses (Boneyards, Fossil Dig Ups, and More)

Once you’ve completed the Dinosaur Walk, kids can then explore the Boneyard in order to discover the giant skeleton hidden in the sand. Not only that, but children can also learn the process of discovering fossils by trying their hand at the Fossil Dig! Here they can sift through sand for their favorite fossils, searching for shark teeth, stingray barbs, and more. If these preservation activities become a bore, there’s also the mining sluice where children can go to search for real gemstones! You can even purchase a geode to crack them open. (1, 2)

The park also offers interactive and educational shows, a display of animatronic dinosaurs, playgrounds, and picnic areas. (1)

Florida Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur World is a must-see for any child, but it’s also a perfect place for those kids-at-heart and dinosaur lovers. Keep in mind that Dinosaur World doesn’t sell food, so feel free to pack your own lunches and enjoy it while enjoying the dinosaurs!

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