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NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans With Air-Borne Lithium and Other Chemicals


What is a chemtrail?  The answer to this question depends on who you ask.  In fact, many dispute the mere term chemtrail, and instead use the corporate term: contrail.  In simple language, chemtrails or contrails are the billowing clouds left by an airplane streaking through the sky.  But the contents of these trails is the subject of heated debate.  In one corner we have scientists and aviation professionals.  In the other corner, concerned citizens… so in light of NASA admitting to the use of vapor trails, what should you know about the issue?

Chemtrails VS Contrails: Is There A Difference?

Both chemtrails and contrails refer to the white streak trailing from airplane engines.  Chemtrails is the term used by those who believe the streaks contain harmful chemicals.  Contrails is the term used by those who claim the streaks are made only of condensation.  Here are the respective views of each side.

Scientists argue contrails from airplanes are a form of condensation, created by a 2 step process.  First, jet engines emit hot, humid air into an extremely cold atmosphere, creating condensation.  Condensation emitted from the jet engine, materialize in the form of water droplets. The water droplets quickly crystallize due to the deathly cold atmosphere, producing white streaks or contrails.  This process is likened to seeing your warm breath on a cold day (1).  Scientists claim that contrails, not to be confused with chemtrails, are void of any harmful chemicals (2).


But concerned skeptics have nicknamed contrails, chemtrails. Chemtrail theorists believe the government is taking advantage of the scientific phenomenon to secretly release other substances into the air.  Harmful substances such as aluminum, strontium, and barium are believed to be just some of the culprits.  Why? Toxic chemicals emitted from planes, is all part of a ghastly scheme to control weather, population, food supply as well as mitigate global warming (3). 

Watch this video for more highlights of the debate of contrails vs chemtrails:


Why Should You Be Concerned With Chemtrails?

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Supposing chemtrails indeed occur, the threats posed are both numerous and disconcerting.  Chemtrails being released right under, excuse me, above our noses, cause harmful effects to the environment.  Chemicals have potential to make their way into the water, soil and atmosphere effectively contaminating our essential life resources (4).   


NASA Publicly Admits Use of Vapor Tracers

NASA uses vapor tracers released from sounding rockets to track motions of upper atmospheric winds and ion drifts.  This practice has been employed since the 1950’s.  This technique would work in the same way as dropping harmless dye into a river stream and then observing the flow of the current (5).

Types Of Vapor Tracers NASA Uses

1- Tri- Methyl Aluminum (TMA)

Used to study neutral winds in the lower ionosphere at night at altitudes of 100 miles (160 kilometers) or less (5).

2- Lithium


Used to study neutral winds in the upper atmosphere.  At night its color is bright red (5).

3- Barium

Used to study the motion of both ions and neutrals in space. Has a purple-red color when exposed to sunlight (5). 

You’ll notice none of these chemicals are of no concern…Barium compounds that are water-dissolvable can lead to breathing difficulties, elevated blood pressure, stomach problems, muscle weakness, and inflammation in the brain, liver and kidneys (6). Lithium is commonly used in prescription drugs to treat mental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder; it is unsafe for pregnant women and can cause development issues (7). And TMA? Tri-methyl aluminum is a hazardous material that can cause respiratory problems with sustained exposure (there are limitations to how long someone who works with TMA can be exposed to it) (8).

NASA has been incredibly open about their use of these chemicals in our atmosphere because they believe there are little to no risks involved. Nevertheless, it begs the question of whether earth’s citizens have any say about what’s being added to their atmosphere. What do you think? 


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