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6 Ways Juicing Can Help You Get Rid of Acne

6 Ways Juicing Can Help You Get Rid of Acne
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Whoever said that acne clears up after puberty ends is such a liar. Breakouts keep happening even when you’re long past your gawky preteen years, and it can be frustrating to have to continue using multiple skin products. Instead of spending money on ways to combat your acne on the surface, nutritionist and fitness instructor, Jill Therese recommends combating the problem from the inside for a natural acne cure.

Jill also struggled for years with a persistent acne problem, and she knew that the three biggest causes of acne are from imbalances in blood sugar and hormones levels, and digestion. Her solution is simple. Pick one of her homemade juice blends below, drink daily, and watch your skin clear without any chemicals at all!

Two Recipes for the Perfect Juice

Jill’s Morning Juice:

1 green apple
1 bunch kale
3-4 stalks celery
1 cucumber (peeled if not organic)
Juice of 1 lemon
Handful of parsley
½ inch ginger peeled

Jill’s Summer Lovin’ Juice:

1 handful kale
1 handful spinach
1 green apple
2-3 pieces of pineapple
Blend with avocado.

6 Reasons Why Juicing is an Effective Acne Treatment

1. Juicing maintains blood sugar levels

Blood sugar levels are inherently tied to the appearance of acne. Higher blood sugar causes excessive growth at the root of hair follicles, which creates the condition for acne to grow.

The problem with this is that we tend to eat a lot of foods in the morning that increase our blood sugar. To solve this, make an effort to stop eating bagels and coffee with sugar in the morning, and instead opt for one of these low-sugar juice blends to wake you up.

2. It helps digestive enzymes

According to Jill, a lot of people who have acne also have some sort of digestion problem. This happens when a person is either drinking too much (and flushing all nutrients out of the body) or drinking too little (which leaves too many toxins). The way to solve this is with a drink that is chock full of nutrients that will get your system moving.

3. Green juices are an anti-inflammatory

Add ginger into your mix for an anti-inflammatory that will boost your immune system. Ginger, along with the green veggies of the drink will help to lower your body’s natural acidity.

4. Juicing keeps you hydrated

One of the biggest problems with treating acne from the surface is the use of creams that dry out the skin. This dry itchiness can actually cause you to break out more, and can slow the process of healing when they go away.

To make a drink that has extra hydration properties, add 1-2 peeled cucumbers to your mix. Cucumbers are made mostly of water, which can help your skin stay hydrated from within.

5. Juicing helps hormone levels

Hormone levels are the most common cause of acne, and they are a complicated internal process that is difficult to change. However, hormone levels are very affected by both blood sugar levels and digestion. Since juicing helps both of these things, it’s a great way to clear acne!

6. It gets you into better habits

Jill’s last reason may not have a clinical effect on the body, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Getting into the habit of drinking a healthy green juice in the morning helps to not only clear your skin, but to feel better and more energized throughout the day. Jill argues that once you begin one good habit that gives good results, you naturally fall into others. Start simple with the habit of green veggie drink. End up with a diet of natural ingredients and remedies that improves your well being. 

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