Nobody Wanted The Girl With Silver Eyes Until One Woman Saw Her Picture And Changed Everything

Prim Rose, Adoption
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Imagine during the first twenty-three months of your life being unable to see, having a hearing impairment, and being abandoned by your mother. How do you think it would feel to never know what it is like to be held, loved or cared for during the beginning of your life? For Primrose, that was what the first twenty-three years of her life were like.

Primrose’s Story

Primrose was born in China with congenital glaucoma, causing her eyes to form completely silver. During the first twenty-three months of her life, Primrose’s condition went untreated, causing her immense pain and distress. She was unable to see and suffered a hearing impairment, causing her to not hear well.

Her mother abandoned her, and Primrose was sent to an orphanage. The unfortunate neglect from the orphanage Primrose was placed in caused her to never learn to drink from a bottle and left her unable to hold her head up. In the first few months of her life, she never experienced comfort or being shown the love that is so crucial for newborn babies.

But Primrose’s picture caught the attention of Eryn, who came across her photo scrolling through Facebook one day. Eryn and her husband, Chris, were raising two children when she came across photos of Primrose. She felt this immense pull to Primrose and believed that she was meant to be the love that was missing from Primrose’s life. Eryn’s heart broke for her, and she knew that she would do whatever she could to give Primrose the home that she deserved.

Though they struggled with funding the money for the adoption, as promised, they made their way to Primrose. At first, she was not well and seemed sick. Sometimes, they even doubted that she would even be healthy enough to endure the trip to her new home.

Primrose Makes Her Way Home

Nobody Wanted The Girl With Silver Eyes Until One Woman Saw Her Picture And Changed Everything

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With patience, care, and love, Primrose was well enough to travel with Eryn and Chris to live together as a family. After only a month, Eryn wrote these beautiful words in tribute of her newfound daughter:

“These are mama eyes that only shut 4 hours last night. And hands that held and patted a baby’s back for 45 minutes straight just to constantly remind her ‘Someone is here.’ A heart that is sure she is screwing up somehow at least 1,000,000 times a day. A head full of questions, anxiety, and fear. She is a mess. A total mess. And life is flipped on its very head because… ‘Primrose Lin.’

“This is a baby who, just 38 days ago, didn’t know the comfort of being held most of the day. She didn’t know that someone would come to her when she called out in her sweet baby language. She didn’t know that she could eat from a bottle without breathing the liquid straight into her tiny lungs. She had no idea that a big sister could cuddle you better than anyone and a big brother could tickle you into fits of giggles. This is a baby who, just 38 days ago, got a mama and a daddy. Whom she cannot see or fully hear. Whom she doesn’t totally understand. Who took her away from everything she knew, however bleak that reality was, and planted her straight in the middle of a crazy whirlwind of a family.

“A mama and daddy who watched her fight for her life, who wept tears over her feverish body, who fought through third world hospitals and pretended to be brave – because… that’s what mamas and daddies do. We move in the face of all the fear because of our kids, don’t we?”

But while Primrose may have been given a grateful second chance to be amongst a beautiful family, she still has a long way to go. She makes progress every day, but there is a trust for her family that continues to grow as she grows. Because she had spent so much pivotal time alone and not bonding with anybody, it can be a challenge for Primrose to be open to giving and receiving love.

Nobody Wanted The Girl With Silver Eyes Until One Woman Saw Her Picture And Changed Everything

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Thanks to her new family, and her loving parents, Eryn and Chris, Primrose learned that when she cries, someone comes to comfort her, making sure her needs are met. She lovingly knows and has begun to understand that she is safe, and is continuously learning that she now has the love and support from parents, a brother, and a sister.


Though the first several months of her life were void of love and tender care, Primrose may always deal with vision and hearing problems. But with the love that she now has surrounding and supporting her, she can still live a completely normal life experiencing the forever love of family.

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