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by Robert Marchetta
(Glendale Ca)

I have been oil pulling on a daily basis since February 06, 2006.
At first, I noticed very little change.  Then after about 3 weeks of constant oil pulling my stomach started getting inflamed and very big! I got cramps that were too awful to describe.
Then another 10 days of pain it was gone!!
I noticed that my teeth were much whiter. People started asking me if I had them bleached at the dental office.
I have lost a tooth in the rear front. I am currently waiting for a dental implant(long story but it will be done soon).
In the meantime, after that tooth was pulled (before oil pulling)I and the doctor noticed a very dark area between my teeth. After oil pulling for about 2 months I noticed that this dark area had lightened considerably.  So as I write this I am looking at that area in between the teeth and there is still some dark area but nothing like before.
As for helping with the appetite, all I can say is that I don’t crave food like I used to. I have lost inches but not weight.
I cannot attribute this to the oil pulling because I take Synthroid now and I have always watched my weight.  I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.  But as far as appetite control is concerned I do not get as hungry as I used to.
In summary, oil pulling is a very good practice to have. I personally use sunflower oil. The sesame is too heavy for me to chug around in my mouth.
Blessings, Robert

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