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Oil Pulling Has Helped Me Tremendously

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by Tracy Adams
(Omaha, NE, USA)

 I started oil pulling a few months ago. I hate to say it, but I gagged the first time I did it, and was not able to continue. So, even though quite a few places say not to do so, I added some orange flavoring to my oil (just your basic food flavoring). Interestingly enough, the flavoring remained just long enough for me to get used to the practice and not need it anymore. Now I no longer add it, but I do oil pulling every day.
I’ve gotten a lot of benefits from it:
* My three loose teeth are no longer loose
* No more sensitive teeth- I can eat hot, cold, etc. without any discomfort to my teeth at all
* Severe and repetitive plaque buildup on the inside of my lower front teeth literally fell off in my mouth and has never come back
* Arthritis in my fingers is gone and has never returned
* My blood sugar has stabilized, I no longer get hypoglycemic (and no longer measure my blood sugar, last time I measured it regularly, however, the variance in my blood sugar numbers was never more than 20 points, whether I had just eaten or not)
* Several chronic pains other than my fingers have also gone away
* I experienced a dramatic increase in allergies, but now they are starting to decrease rapidly
* Skin problems that I had been finding nearly impossible to deal with (itchy, flaky skin- undiagnosed) have decreased significantly
* I am able to get through days easily when I get less sleep than usual (previously, not enough sleep would have wiped me out- I spent a lot of time wiped out)
* Insomnia has decreased dramatically
* I had a cesarean while I was oil pulling, and it has healed without any itching or discomfort in the scar, and the scar is extremely tiny (partly thanks to the doctor doing an excellent job, as well)
* The stretch marks from this pregnancy have all faded and I can barely see them or notice them at all (my baby is 10 months old) Prior pregnancy stretch marks seem ‘gone’ as well
* A few warts have simply fallen off suddenly and without ado
* No more migraines (although, I quit caffeine as well, so I might attribute this partly to that, too)
* No more bad breath
* Whiter teeth
* A tooth that my dentist wanted to give me a root canal on no longer shows any symptoms at all of being “dead”
* Several cavities were “gone” when I went in to have them filled
I recommend this practice to anyone and everyone I know, all the time. Honestly, how much better does it get? All of these changes, for the cost of a bit of oil.
The main reasons people refuse to do it are skepticism and that it’s “gross.” So, add some orange flavoring or mint or something for a week or two. It will be less gross after that. Get yourself “over the hump” by using some simple methods.
Skepticism? Well, it’s one of the cheapest things you can do, and it has no side effects for most folks. Try it for 30 days, all you’ll be “out” is a bit of time and a couple bucks for oil. And if it helps, you’d kick yourself for crying over a couple bucks when those couple bucks could have saved your tooth and/or given you potentially dramatic health increases.
At the price compared to the potential benefits, you SHOULD kick yourself if you don’t give a good, solid, 30 day trial.
It’s not like I benefit in any way from telling my friends or anyone this. You’re not buying your oil from me, I get nothing from it. Like most people, though, I found something that did WONDERS for me, and I want to share that experience with others.
It’s fabulous. Try it. Give it a solid 30 days. If you’ve got something chronic, give it a solid 90 days. It took about 9 weeks for my arthritis to go away, and about 6 months for the scars to become soft, supple, and/or to go away (the stretch marks, for example); and for the warts to fall off. It took about 30 days for the insomnia to go (not including baby wake-up calls!).
Anyway, skepticism is great and very valuable. But don’t let it stop you from trying it. The “cost” of trying it is very cheap, and the side effects far less miserable than most prescription drugs, in my experience.
Good luck, health, and healing to any and all!
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