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olive leaf health benefits
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olive leaf health benefitsOlive trees are celebrated worldwide for their unique tasting fruit and the oil serving as the defining staple for Mediterranean cuisine.

But did you know we’re also neglecting a part that is simply amazing for your health?

I’m talking about the humble olive leaf. It has a plethora of unique health benefits that should make its extract more than worthy for your home.

Here’s why you definitely need to get your hands on some organic olive leaf extract as soon as possible:

Olive Leaf Health Benefits

1. It Guards Your Brain

Olive leaf extract contains a unique compound called oleuropein. Oleuropein is particularly effective at protecting cells against oxidative stress.

The effect it has on your brain’s overall health cannot be understated. Olive leaf extract can protect your brain’s blood barrier to significantly decrease the chances of a stroke.

To top things off, it also protects the nerve endings in your brain from inflammation and oxidative stress. By taking the right amount of olive leaf extract, you’re essentially removing two risk factors that can cause Alzheimer’s.

2. It Could Help Treat Arthritis

Remember how oleuropein helps prevent inflammation in your brain’s nerve cells? It can also help reduce your body’s overall inflammation levels. This is why it’s particularly effective for this chronic disease.

Studies show that patients who were administered a small does of this extract were either able to prevent some symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis or mitigate their overall inflammation in their joints.

Olive leaf extract can also help prevent the development of gout because it helps your body actively prevent the formation of excess uric acid in your joints by inhibiting the presence of xanthine oxidase.

If olive leafs still have not convinced you, you can also try these amazing natural tips to find some relief.

3. It Fights Aging

Be it by the inexorable passage of time, our life traumas, our hardships, stress, and external factors like pollutions, our body is always under siege from the cellular instability caused by free radicals.

Olive leaf extract is packed with powerful antioxidants that can mitigate the damage caused by the gradual accumulation of free radicals in our system.

By incorporating a regular healthy dose of olive leaf extract you’ll feel slightly more energetic and even have a healthier glow.

4. It Can Help in the Fight Against Diabetes

The wonderful thing about this extract is that can both prevent and help you overall treatment of diabetes. Why? Because olive leaf extract can simultaneously increase your natural insulin production and decrease your body’s resistance to insulin

It almost sounds too good to be true, right? You’ll soon find it easier to manage your insulin levels without recurring to drastic insulin boosters.

5. It’s a Boon to Your Cardiovascular Health

Let’s start with one of the biggest health issues plaguing our population: managing our cholesterol levels. Instead of taking potentially dangerous medication to reduce your cholesterol, try olive leaf extract instead.

Studies demonstrate that olive leaf compounds can actually mitigate your body’s oxidation of LDL cholesterol to help improve your arteries’ health.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to get your hands on this amazing leaf. You’ll be surprised how you were able to live without it.



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