Parents, Going To Every One Of Your Kids' Games Matters More Than You Know

Parents, Going To Every One Of Your Kids' Games Matters More Than You Know
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When compared to the many career and life accomplishments a child will find in his adult life, a couple of missed little league or high school sports games seem almost insignificant. To be truly honest, if you’ve seen one mediocre soccer match, you’ve seen them all. Am I right?

So where’s the value in sacrificing so much of your time and energy to attend every game from scrimmages to championships? Actually, it matters more than you know.

Why It Matters  

Now, when I say games, I don’t just mean sports. I myself was more of a fine art kinda gal with choir recitals and theater productions instead of basketball or volleyball games. But the principle is the same. Whether it’s a competition, a performance, a match, or a concert, your being there is about so much more than just seeing what happens.

Another Way To Love

Spotting my mom and dad in the audience was probably my favorite part of being up on stage (or on the court, as the case may be). Attending every game just to root for your kids and cheer them on is another way to show how much you really care about and support them.

Through The Thick And Thin

Let’s face it, not every game or concert you attend will be a winner. Maybe your kid will fumble the ball, forget their lines, or miss a critical goal. But that’s all the more reason to go. Attending every event will show your kids that you will be there through the thick and thin, the good and the bad. And not just until the season ends, but throughout their lives as well.

Offering Encouragement

While your child may not always be able to pick out your voice from the crowd, you being there might be just what they need to move forward and on to victory. Attending their games can also encourage your kids to pursue their hobbies, goals, and dreams, no matter how distant they may seem at the time.  

Finding The Balance

While attending each and every game sounds great and all, it’s not always realistic, especially if your work requires you to travel or you have a large family all involved in things at the same time. The key is to find the balance between sacrificing as much as you can and sacrificing too much. For example, quitting your job may free up your time enough to attend another football game, but may not be the best option.

The most important thing is that you show your kids that you care. Attend as much as you can, and make it up to them if you can’t. Maybe send another family member with the camera so you can watch it later, or slip a note into their gym back wishing them luck. As long as you’re doing your best to show your support, that’s what really matters.


I’m married now with a baby of my own, and my high school choir days are stretching farther and farther behind me. But even so, a couple weeks ago when I got up to sing a musical number at church, guess whose smiling faces I picked out of the congregation? No matter the event, their age, or how much they say it’s nothing, you being there matters to them more than you could ever know.

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