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The Way You Make a Fist Says a Lot About Your Personality- Find out What


Quick, make a fist!

Now check: Which illustration does your fist resemble the most – 1, 2, or 3?

Believe it or not, the way you make your fist may say a lot about your personality

After all, many things can unconsciously affect the things you do (1), like the way you make your fists. In other words, your fist could very well reveal your overall temperament, your attitude towards people and work, and your greatest strengths and weaknesses.

So scroll down to the illustration your fist matched most – and find out what your fist says about you!


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Your Fist and You: A Personality Quiz

Type 1 – The Popular Perfectionist

You are a masterful strategist and improviser – and you love to juggle many goals at once. Even your fist is poised like a thinker’s, thumb ready to press or rub your index finger in the process of planning.

Intuitive, creative, and resourceful, you’re never without a plan, and you’re always thinking two steps ahead. However, you adapt equally well to unexpected surprises, and your silver tongue and quick-thinking almost always ensure success. From work and school to family and romance, you believe in being a well-rounded person – and your intuitions seldom lead you astray. 

As for work, you appreciate doing things on your own, and testing different strategies until you find one that works just right. But you are also a natural empath who cares deeply about their friends, family, and social connections.

However, your great ambitions and extensive juggling can also leave you overwhelmed. For instance, you may often bite off more than you can chew –  or put the needs of others above your own. You may also get impatient or frustrated when your plan falls apart, and find yourself overstepping your own boundaries when the most important plans call for it.

Just remember to scale back from time to time, and tackle one small task at a time. It’s okay to be out of balance every once in a while – and to not be in control of every aspect of your life. 

Type 2 – The Sensible Specialist



You are the “do-er” in your circle of friends – the person who can and will make things happen. Your thumb tight against your fingers with resolve, your fist has served as the empowering symbol of action throughout history.

Motivated, persistent, and focused, you are a natural leader and a hard-worker (when needed be), and you will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams. You can be extremely honest and open-minded, and you hardly care about what others think about you (with a few exceptions). You are optimistic but realistic; quick on your feet but patient.

You’re all about achieving your few, dedicated goals as efficiently as possible. As a result, you are adept at leading and collaborating in a team, but you are not necessarily the greatest socialite when it comes to parties or new settings, as you can be dismissive of people who do not “add value” to your life.

Your biggest weakness? You don’t always remember to stop to smell the roses – and you don’t like to step out of your comfort zone. Your single-minded dedication has likely made you an expert in one or two areas, but your work-life balance could use some work.

So make time to have fun, enjoy the company of others, and explore other avenues of work and play. You’ll thank yourself in the end.

Type 3 – The Introspective Intellectual



You’re a brilliant, out-of-the-box thinker – and have the extensive knowledge and experience to match. Your fist captures your personality perfectly: Introverted in nature, unusual to others, and perfectly logical overall. A few fingers are dispensable; your thumb is not.

Wise, detail-oriented, and insightful, you rarely ever lose an argument, but welcome criticism nonetheless. You are the cultivator of odd skills and an expert in trivia; a news hound and curator of neat things. Strongly opinionated, analytical, and self-aware, you are a fan of meditation and self-improvement, and the envy of others who need to “get it together”.

You are also an extremely good listener and advisor to your friends and family. 

However, you lack ambition. Being a pursuer of greater truths, you find it hard to “settle down” with a single career or life goal. You may also hesitate to be “the real you” in public for fear of rejection. Fair to a fault, you may also end up giving too much benefit of a doubt, even to people and causes that you disagree with, rather than voicing your disapproval outright.

So take some time to decide on a definite goal for your life, if only to give yourself some direction. Try, also, to be more like “your true self” in public. This may drive some people away from you, but you will also attract true, life-long friends.

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