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Pick a Mandala to Find its Hidden Message for You


It’s amazing what our minds tell us without us realizing; little things that we encounter as we live our lives could actually have more meaning and reveal more about us than we thought was possible. Below, you’ll find 6 mandalas. A mandala is spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe [1]. These colorful, geometric shapes are said to represent the mystery and complexity of the universe in a form that we can understand. 

Look at this image, look at each mandala and find the one that speaks to you. Scroll down and discover what your choice says about you. When you’re done, read what the other mandalas represent and see if it sounds like someone you know.

What Mandala Are You?


#1 Ambitious and Righteous 

You’ve never shied away from doing the right thing but at the same time, you know what you want. Whenever doing something nice for a loved one, you pull out all the stops and always go the extra mile. You’re not afraid to take risks in any aspect of your life. While you sometimes feel like you are underappreciated, you are guided by a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. 

#2 Honest and Interesting

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You are someone that is always honest, even if it isn’t in your best interest. People trust you because they know you will always be honest and they value your opinions. Because of this, you have formed strong and long-lasting bonds with people who will be there for you. People find you very interesting and love to hear about your life and the stories you have collected over time and you never fail at making someone laugh when they really need it.

#3 Thoughtful and Attentive


You are someone that always puts others before yourself. You often put your loved ones needs ahead of yours, even if it affects you negatively. You have a curious mind and you’re always jumping at the chance to learn something new. People often come to you for help and advice because they know you’ll drop everything to help. You also get along with practically everyone and are able to have positive discussions with people who don’t share the same life-view as you.

#4 Clever and Unique

You are a snowflake, a unique being in the universe that leaves a lasting impression on the people that you meet. You are very clever and you use your cleverness to get out of tricky situations, whenever the occasion calls for it. You are creative and love expressing yourself in any way you can. You are truly a unique soul.

#5 Assertive and Courageous

You are an assertive person that know what they want and just how to get it. You’re also very courageous and you use that courage to help you reach your goals, where others might shy away you move forward. You are independent, and while that may intimidate some people, those that know you know that it isn’t arrogance, just self-assurance. You know that if there is something you want, you have to tools to get it.

#6 Gentle and Responsive


You are responsive and are able to pick up on other people’s feelings, but are gentle at handling their emotions and in helping them get through whatever they are experiencing. Because of this, you do well in any kind of social setting, big or small. You have a lot of friends that turn to you when they are in need of help emotionally. People turn to you for advice because you always know just what to say. A warning to those that mistake your kindness for weakness: you are capable of defending yourself and those you care about.

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