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Prostate Cancer – Is A Healthy Diet a Realistic Alternative Treatment?

Prostate Cancer – Is A Healthy Diet a Realistic Alternative Treatment?

prostatedietA diagnosis of prostate cancer is a very shattering thing for a man, but before making a rush for conventional treatment, consider whether alternative treatment, including a cancer fighting diet, might be for you.

There are many conventional treatments available, and if caught in time, prostate cancer need not by any means be a death sentence. However, the side effects of prostate cancer treatment regularly include both incontinence and impotence. For an older man, this might be an acceptable price to pay, but for a younger man, this is a major life change, which has for reaching consequences, and it’s worth looking at ways in which this might be avoided.

 Men who are advised to take the “Watchful waiting” course of treatment, generally people with less invasive cancers or who are older, are well advised to consider changes to their diet to make it healthier and to help them stay healthy for longer.

 A Healthy Diet Is An Aid To Fighting Cancer

For some years, diet has been considered to play an important role in cancer – both in making us more vulnerable to the illness if our diets is bad, and helping us fight it if our diet is healthy. Prostate cancer is no exception. In fact, serious scientific evidence shows that a change in diet can be an effective alternative treatment for less aggressive forms of prostate cancer.
There are two main styles of diet which have shown promise as a preventive and mitigator of cancer; the Mediterranean diet and a Japanese style diet.

The thinking is that a diet low in animal products, sugar and fats, which is generally considered to be a healthy diet for any person whatever their state of health, allows the body to fight the growth and spread of cancer cells on its own.

Some Specific Food Items Which Show Promise


Lycopene is a very common substance contained in ordinary food we eat every day. In particular, it’s found in cooked tomatoes. Lycopene is under close investigation for its anti oxidant properties. If you eat cooked tomatoes in ordinary quantities, they can do you nothing but good, and might well be useful in fighting prostate tumors. Watermelon and bell peppers are also good sources of lycopene.


Berries are just all round good news for the person battling cancer. Bursting with anti oxidants, full of vitamins and important trace elements, containing roughage – which we know is great for our bodies, and what’s more, wrapped up in a low calorie, delicious package. If it has the word “berry” in it, then go right ahead and eat lots!


If you have received some types of conventional treatment for prostate cancer, your testosterone levels may be lowered. Testosterone acts as a protective against osteoporosis, so increasing your calcium levels makes sense. Whole dairy products and dark leafy greens are good sources of easily digested calcium.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is delicious, and what’s more, it has been shown to slow the rate of increase in levels of PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) in the blood of prostate cancer patients. This does need to be taken with caution, as it can interact negatively with some medications which patients might be receiving.

Caffeine Free Green Tea

A notable antioxidant, caffeine free green tree is of course part of a Japanese style diet, and is thought to be one of the factors involved in the low cancer rates amongst people eating a traditional Japanese diet. (Other factors undoubtedly include low dairy intake and low consumption of red meat).

Unsaturated fats

Saturated fats, in particular highly processed fats such as canola, are close to eating poison for most people, let alone those who are trying to combat a condition such as prostate cancer. However, we cut fat out of our diets at our peril. They help us absorb important nutrients, keep skin and hair healthy, and are also a ready source of energy which cancer patients may require. Choose healthy, cold pressed oil such as olive oil and coconut oil.

It is far better to eat a little natural butter made from raw milk, than any amount of low fat butter substitute spreads. Moderate amounts of these healthy fats can be used to make food more appetizing with no loss of health benefit.

Green leafy vegetables

Eat large amounts of green leafy vegetables, and not only will you be treating your body to a vitamin feast, but you will be taking in life force giving nutrients which are so complex that science hasn’t been able to identify them yet. Thing like wheat grass smoothies can supply a delicious and nutritious energy top up and make you feel super healthy.


Be guided by a nutritionist here. As a rule, you should try to get all the vitamins and minerals which you need from your every day diet. Some people, especially if their health is compromised in some way, need and extra boost. If that applies to you, be sure to look for supplements which have been produced from natural ingredients, sustainably and thoughtfully harvested – the so called “green” supplements.

Take advice

It should be emphasized that any course of alternative treatment or diet you decide upon should be with the full knowledge of your medical practitioner. If your doctor isn’t sympathetic to alternative treatments, then it might be wise to find someone who is a little more open minded. But, having said that, it’s generally unwise to go against medical advice. For example, alternative therapies may interact badly with conventional treatments which you are receiving.

In general though, your doctor is going to endorse a dietary approach, because this is an area in which conventional and alternative thinking is very much merging.

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