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Psychological Test: Which Is NOT A Family?

psychological test, healthy mind, family
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Do you realize just how much of our past defines who we are and how it can shape the path for our future? Who we are is a sum of our experiences and the way that we process it and apply it to our lives. One major part of shaping us as people is our family and family can have very different definitions for different people.

Which Is NOT A Family?

psychological test, healthy mind, family

Above is an image of three sets of people consisting of a man, a woman, and a child. The question is: Which set of people is not actually a family? While there is a correct answer, your choices actually reveal something about you and your experiences with family.

If You Picked #1

If you looked at the first group of people and felt something off, you most likely come from strong family background. You understand the love between a parent and a child because you have experienced it first hand. If you look closely at the first image, you’ll see that the father is more distant than the others, and the mother appears to be shielding the child from him.

This image represents a splintered family, one that is no longer whole. You can see this because you likely are perceptive to other’s feelings and are intuitive about other people’s emotions.

If You Picked #2

If you looked at this group of people and thought they looked like a family at first, you would be among the majority. But if you looked at it and felt the distance between the parents and the children, you most likely have experiences with a family who are distant. This can range from having parents too preoccupied with themselves to notice you or parents who feel that love is represented by material possessions.

This image represents a false image of the family. While at first glance it may appear that the people are together, the parents are actually in front of the child. These parents put themselves before their children, leaving something to be desired by their family life.

If You Picked #3

If these people don’t seem like a family to you, your perspective is more skeptical than most. Despite the general appearance of a happy, loving family, you can’t help but try to guess what’s going on behind the scenes. This could stem from unhappy experiences in your own upbringing that you were forced to hide.

But, if you looked at this image but didn’t give it a second thought, then you know what a family should look like. This image represents a whole family; a family that lives laughs, hurts, and grows as one. If you were drawn to this image, it is because you have lived it yourself. Children are much more perceptive than most people believe, and even if they don’t understand something fully, they hold onto those impressions and they are fully realized as they grow and learn.

This image shows a family in an embrace, everyone connected and moving together as one. This is what a true family represents.

Our experiences are what makes us, and who we are after going through them. While it’s true that our families can shape who we turn out to be, it’s really up to us to define ourselves and to create the life that we want. Learn from your family, but make your life your own.

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