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16 Science-Proven Ways To Reduce Inflammation and Stress In The Body

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Most of our health problems can be traced back to two very preventable factors: inflammation and stress. These 16 methods we have outlined here are our top tips to incorporate into your weekly routine for a healthier mind and body.


Exercise has the ability to increase brain power and even create new neural pathways in our brain. It has also been found to release endorphins that work to relieve our bodies of pain and stress. There is also the obvious reason that a good exercise routine can help us maintain a healthy weight and fight inflammation.

Avoid Junk Food

Consuming junk food can actually have a negative effect on our brain chemistry. It creates a fog, making us less productive and in some cases, even depressed. The overconsumption of junk food also promotes inflammation because of the countless preservatives and flavorings used in their creation.

Deep Breathing

This simple exercise can actually have huge benefits to our brain health. Just performing 10-15 minutes can improve your brain function for the whole day. Deep breathing increases oxygen levels and blood flow to your brain, allowing it to run on all cylinders.

Fish Oil

Taking fish oil supplements works like adding membrane material for your brain. The two main components in fish oil, DHA and EPA, strengthen the emotional center of your brain while also boosting focus. It also slows down the affects of aging, keeping our brains healthy and young for longer.

Drink Red Wine

A glass of wine a day actually helps to keep the doctor away. There have been multiple studies that prove drinking wine, in moderation, can actually work to improve our overall health. The reason? Wine is packed with antioxidants that protect us from free radicals, cancer promoting cells that are found in our body.

Eat Healthy

As obvious as it might seem, most people aren’t eating as healthy as they should. By not eating enough fruit and vegetables, they are missing out on vitamins and minerals that are essential for our bodies to function properly.

Avoid Stressful Situations

This may seem obvious, but we don’t realize just how stress affects us physically. Our bodies have developed a ‘fight or flight’ response to stressful situations through evolution. Our bodies secrete a chemical called cortisol that kills brain cells and suppresses brain function, allowing our instincts to take over and hopefully lead us to safety.

Sleep Properly

Proper sleep habits are essential to our brain and body health. Sleep is when our bodies take the time to recuperate from the stresses we put on it throughout the day. Without proper sleep, our bodies can’t function at full capacity, making us vulnerable to illness and reducing brain function.

Eat Nuts

Nuts are another great way to increase brain power and power your body. They are full of omega-3s that support proper brain health and keep us sharp. They are also packed with protein in fiber which keeps our body running smoothly. Eat them in moderation however, as they are high in calories. A small handful is all you need.

Eat Less

We aren’t saying to stop eating, but don’t over eat. We have a habit of eating more than we should, which not only increases the amount of calories consumed leading to weight gain, but affects our brain function. Overeating puts us in a fog as our body struggles to digest all the food we filled it with.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. By eating a nutritious breakfast, we replenish the energy stores our body used while we slept to restore itself. It also supplies us with energy, protein, and healthy fats for our body to use throughout our day.

Drink Fruit Juice

By this we mean fresh fruit juice that is devoid of preservatives and added sugars. These juices provide our body with vitamins and nutrients that promote brain health and increase focus, as well as protecting us from disease.

Take Gingko Biloba

It has been scientifically proven that gingko biloba increases blood flow to the brain. There is a direct correlation between increased blood flow and brain productivity and focus. This is a great, holistic alternative to energy drinks when you’re starting to wear out during the work day.

Drink Caffeine

Drinking coffee, tea, or other caffeine drinks gives us an easy energy boost and helps us focus. We suggest turning to green tea, as it has a significant amount of caffeine, but without making you jittery or making you crash.

Sniff Some Basil

It has been found that certain fragrances actually have the ability to affect our brain function and make it more productive. Basil has been tied with improving memory, and just smelling some can help your mental recall time and focus.

These 16 methods are easy to do with numerous benefits. However, you should always consult with your health care practitioner should you decide to cease or change your intake of prescribed medication. 

SOURCE: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2LksHR/:1T7xazX3z:qSjOqftg/4mind4life.com/blog/2008/02/06/50-ways-to-boost-your-brain-power

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