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Here Is Why You NEED To Be Using Reflexology For Your DOG!

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dog reflexology

I’m sure you know what reflexology is, but if not – reflexology is the essentially massaging points on your body to help heal or activate specific internal organs or muscles connected to the points. Did you know the same system is at work in your dog? That’s right – dog reflexology!

Dog Reflexology is going to be the new craze for pet owners. You live a happy, healthy life – you eat right and, when you notice something is wrong, you find a way to right it. But it’s more difficult to know how and where your dog is hurting.

Dog Reflexology

Using this massage technique has a ton of great benefits for humans, but what can it do for our furry friends? Performing reflexology on your dog will:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve lymph circulation
  • Build trust and bonding
  • Aid in behavioural problems
  • Disperse pain in tensed muscles
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Restore mobility and flexibility
  • Restore homeostasis

Pet The Pet

You may think of this as just “rubs” or “pets” for your pet, but dog reflexology is a little more specific. Dog reflexology is the holistic approach to restoring health and balance to your dog’s inner-workings. By using gentle pressure and specific circular movements on your dog’s paws, ankles, wrist and legs.

NOTE: Dog reflexology will not replace a veterinarian, but it is a great addition to your dog’s life and will help your pet live a longer, happier life with more ease and less pain.

Some breeds of dog have specific problems: hip dysplasia in Labs and Great Danes, arthritis in Corgis and German Shepherds, and a host of other problems that attack our most-loved breeds. Some dogs have respiratory problems, some have eye problems, and many dogs get fed too well and have digestive problems!

Puppy Love

Dogs have reflexology points and acupressure (NOT acupuncture) points, just like we do – with repetitive pressure and massage, you can increase circulation to these areas and help detox your pet.

Toxins get into your dog by way of his food. Most commercial pet foods contain preservatives, sugar, and other additives like coloring. These foods can lead to chronic health issues like diabetes, allergies and kidney failure.

“Pets eat up to one third of their body weight a year in preservatives and toxins,” says holistic vet Lisa Newman, author of Natural Pet Care Allergies. So reflexology is important to cleanse your dog’s body of wastes and detoxify his organs.

NOTE: Some commercial dog foods also contain a lot of salt, which could lead to salt toxicity. You can sprinkle a bit of natural Himalayan salt on your dog’s food to help with inflammation, joint problems, thyroid issues, and more.

These Paws Were Made For Walking

dog reflexology chart paw

It’s believed that, just like with human hands, different areas of the dog’s paw relate to different organs. Pet reflexology is the science of working these to clear blockages and help your pet be as mobile and healthy as possible.

Did you know that dogs experience stress just like humans? Stress, like anxiety, or stress on the inner-workings, like inflammation or phlebitis, contributes to nearly all major illnesses. Pets are also incredibly sensitive and are able of copying the moods and emotions of their masters.

Sympathetic Resonance

Animal behaviorist Michael Fox calls this phenomenon “sympathetic resonance” – pets observe, decipher, and imitate even our most subtle cues because they rely (more than we think) on non-verbal cues. They can see our stress, but we can also inadvertently cause stress.

Luckily, dog reflexology can diffuse tension and inflammation in your dog’s body to promote wellness and relaxation.

Go For A Ride?

You can learn all the dog reflexology points to help your pup’s tail wag happily. And if you’re more of a cat person, don’t worry – we’ve got a cat reflexology post coming soon! But if Rex or Rover need your healing hands, take a quick look at the charts below.


Not sold on reflexology yet? These may be the 6 easiest reflexology points to find on YOUR body – so try it yourself tonight!


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