How Your Poorly Organized Fridge is Setting You Up to Fail

refrigerator weight loss tips
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refrigerator weight loss tipsYour fridge can quickly become chaos, cluttered with old and new, leftover and never opened. There’s nothing like reaching into the back and wondering “How long has that been in there?”

When you’re a busy family on the go, keeping a clean and organized fridge isn’t always a priority. And that’s understandable. But there are a few easy things you can do to help you and your family eat healthier, and maybe even lose some weight.

7 Refrigerator Organization and Weight Loss Tips

1. Showcase the good stuff

We are three times more likely to pick up the first thing we see, so it’s best to make sure that thing is as healthy as possible. Try placing a couple vegetables on the top shelf, rather than hiding them all away in your crisper.

2. Hide the bad stuff

Similarly, you want to put your less wholesome items in less visible places, near the back and on lower shelves. It’s hard to get rid of treats and unhealthy snacks altogether, but by keeping them out of sight, you keep them out of mind. Put leftover comfort foods into opaque containers, so that you won’t even be tempted.

3. Place pairings together

You should make healthy snacking as easy as possible by putting pairs of foods together, berries beside your Greek yogurt, carrots with your hummus. This will make preparing your snack quick and you’ll never forget that it’s an option.

4. Make homemade salsa

Salsa is a great addition to most any meal because it adds so much flavour, so many nutrients, and so few calories. You can put it on tacos, wraps, sandwiches and just about any protein from fish to chicken. I like to make apple salsa with peppers, onions, cilantro, and lime juice and add it to my meals for a fresh and zesty kick.

5. Prepare a pitcher

Empty calories from sugary drinks are terrible for your health and for weight gain. But they’re easy to cut out by making your own flavored water. Add lemon, mint, and cucumber to a pitcher for a refreshing drink with a ton of health benefits. Or throw in some fresh fruit. The colorful pitcher will invite you to drink more water without those unnecessary calories and unhealthy sugars.

6. Stick to healthy condiments

Many condiments are overly processed and full of salt and sugar. It’s better to make your own when possible, like ketchup, or sweet potato hummus. Dijon mustard makes a good alternative to mayo in many recipes and is great for salads, while Greek Yogurt is an excellent substitute for sour cream. Small changes can make a big difference.

7. Keep it organized

None of these tips really help all that much if your fridge just goes back to chaos the next day anyway. It can be a never-ending job, but you should try to make a weekly habit of cleaning things out, making sure you don’t have cans of tomato paste going rotten.

Dating everything when you put in your fridge is also a good habit to get into. This will help you cut down on waste and on clutter.

Keeping a clean and organized fridge is no small feat, but your health and waistline will thank you.


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