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11 Ways to Control Rosacea and Reduce Redness

11 Ways to Control Rosacea and Reduce Redness
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11 Ways to Control Rosacea and Reduce RednessSuddenly turning beet red can be an annoying and potentially embarrassing occurrence, and is one that’s all too common for fair-skinned women, who are genetically predisposed to rosacea.

If left untreated, rosacea can sting and even become infected. Yet, even though doctors still don’t really know what causes the affliction, there are some simple things you can avoid and some things that you can do to prevent the redness from arriving and to get rid of it faster.

11 Ways to Control Rosacea

1. Stay out of the sun

Whether you’re wearing sunscreen or not, the sun can easily cause a rosacea flare-up, so unfortunately, your best bet is to avoid it whenever possible.

2. Use sunscreen when outside

Even if you’re in the shade, you can come in contact with some indirect sunlight. So you should wear sunscreen at all times. Zinc-based sunscreen is a good choice to avoid the harmful chemicals in many commercial brands, and it’s also less irritating to the skin. Or you can make your own with coconut oil using this recipe.

3. Don’t Wear Wool

If you get rosacea often you probably already know, but wearing wool is known to irritate the skin and cause redness. Mostly it just makes you hot, which doesn’t help rosacea at all.

4. Keep Yourself Cool

Staying in the shade and avoiding wool is a good start, but you should do everything possible to remain cool, which is one of the major causes of flare-ups.

You should avoid hot baths and showers, drink plenty of water, and wear layers of clothes, so that you can keep yourself at an ideal temperature at all times.

5. Don’t Drink Alcohol

Rosacea can become a lot more noticeable when you drink because the alcohol causes blood vessels in your face to dilate.

6. Don’t Eat Spicy Food

Foods with chili peppers, horseradish, or that are otherwise spicy can cause skin irritation. Try eating foods that are high in vitamin A and C instead, which can strengthen capillaries and boost the immune system, helping to fight rosacea.

7. Apply Cucumber Moisturizer

Any kind of moisturizer that uses cucumber, or even just applying cucumbers by themselves, is a great way to soothe rosacea-prone skin.

8. Avoid Using Wrinkle Cream

Cosmetics in general are filled with chemicals and preservatives that you should be weary of, but anti-aging creams are particularly bad for people with rosacea, especially if they contain alpha hydroxy acids. If a cream causes any redness at all, you should stop using it.

9. Use Anything with Chamomile

Chamomile, like cucumber, is known to soothe red or irritated skin

10. Apply a Cold Cloth

Rosacea can hit at any time. The best way to get immediate relief is to apply a cold compress to the red or irritated area. The cold cloth will help constrict your blood vessels and relieve the irritation.

11. Try Tinted Makeup

If your biggest concern is the aesthetics, you can always try wearing a foundation with a green tint to it. The green helps to neutralize the redness, making any rosacea a lot less noticeable.



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