Scientist Now Believe That the Universe Itself Is Conscious

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We use the term universe all the time. Whether you think about the universe simply scientifically, or believe that it is a higher power that can provide you with abundance, or are somewhere in-between or outside of these factors, you are likely aware that there is a ‘universe’ out there. But what is this mysterious universe anyways?

Scientists have been working on to understand the universe, however, they often come short of being able to completely explain or understand it.

Is The Universe A Living Being?

Gregory Matloff, a physicist at New York City College of Technology has recently published a paper with ideas that may shock you. According to his theory, humans could be just like the rest of the universe in substance and spirit. A ‘proto-consciousness field’ could extend through space making the entire cosmos to be self-aware. (1, 2)

Many humans like to believe what they’ve been taught for a long time: we are the top of the evolutionary chain and the only ones with self-awareness. Looks like this is as far from the truth as it possibly can be, and not only us, but everything around us, the entire universe has self-awareness.

Christof Koch of the Allen Institute for Brain Science is also a supporter of panpsychism. He says that biological organisms are conscious because when they approach a new situation they are able to change their behavior to avoid the bad situation and for a better outcome. (3)

To back his theory, Koch will be running a number of experiments, including an experiment wiring the brains of two mice together to see if there is information flow between the two when fused into an integrated system.

The consciousness theory is associated with complexity and “a system’s ability to act upon its own state and determine its own fate”. This theory may be true to a very simple system, and it is possible that not biological or organic physical systems may also be conscious.

While these theories are often associated with spirituality, personal beliefs, and speculations, it is highly possible that they can eventually be proven and explained by complex physics and math.

What Is Panpsychism?

Sir Rogers Penrose, who is famous for linking consciousness with quantum physics. While he is a supporter of panpsychism, he doesn’t call himself a pan psychist. Back in 1980, he proposed an interesting theory that consciousness is present at the quantum level and resides in the synapses of the brain. He believes that while the laws of physics create complex systems, these complex system can have consciousness producing mathematics which is the underlying principle of physics, which creates a fascinating cycle. (3)

Panpsychism is currently in the experimental phase. More research is necessary to prove the theory. Nonetheless, it is fascinating and makes sense to many.

What do you think about this theory? Do you think that the universe is conscious? Share your thought in the comments. We would love to hear from you.


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