Screens Are Killing Your Eyeballs, And Now We Know How

Screens Are Killing Your Eyeballs, And Now We Know How
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How many hours do you spend on your phone, computer, or other devices?

Seriously. Be honest.

While technology is awesome and the internet is the coolest way to stay informed, share, connect, and be inspired, it can also be damaging in many ways. On a physiological level, the blue light from your devices can lead to many health issues.

Blue light might seem like a trendy topic, but it’s also very important. Let’s talk about it.

Dangers Of Blue Light

Blue light is known for disrupting your body’s circadian rhythms. You might as well have the sun shining through your window when you’re looking at your phone at night. You’ve been warned through countless articles on the intern not to use your digital devices late at night to get better sleep and gain more energy.

Moreover, that blue light exposure can lead to eye problems, from eye strain to glaucoma to macular degeneration.

As humans, we can only see a very thin spectrum of light. It ranges from red to violet. Longer wavelengths appear red, shorter wavelengths blue. You may see the light from the sun or the screen as white, but it actually includes many more colors, we just can’t see them.

According to a recent research (1), blue light, which is a 445-nanometer shortwave light, can lead to irreversible damage to your eye cells.

Photoreceptors act like a car, while retinal is like gas. When the cells from your eyes are exposed to blue light directly, they trigger a chemical reaction called oxidation in your eyes. Energized by blue light, the retinal ends up killing photoreceptor cells, which, once damaged, cannot grow back.

The extent of the damage to your vision depends. It can lead to blurry vision, macular degeneration, and even blindness.

What Can You Do?

It is not only electronic devices you should worry about – the sun can be a concern as well. Your parents were right, the sun can fry out your eyes. So can your cell phone and laptop.

You can wear blue-light filtering, high-quality sunglasses when you go outside. But what can you do about electronics?

Did you know that the average American spends 11 hours in front of the screen each day? (2) That’s a lot of blue light. When working late in the dark, the blue light can particularly damage your eyes.

Stop relying on blue light all the time. Switch your light bulbs to high-efficiency and high-wattage LED bulbs or amber light bulbs. Limit your use of electronics as much as possible. If working late, change your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone to night shift settings and use amber glasses to protect your eyes.


Raise awareness, and share this article with your friends. Comment below and tell us how you will protect your eyes and reduce your time online.

Written by Kat Gal

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