Should I Kill Spiders In My Home? An Entomologist Explains Why Not To

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Confession time: I hate spiders. I am terrified of them. While logically I understand that regular little spiders in my home or out in nature are fine, there is something creepy and scary about them. I am terrified of them, and it is only getting worse as I get older.

Why Killing Spiders Is A Bad Idea

Should I kill them? Should you kill spiders in your home?

Turns out killing spiders in your home is NOT a good idea no matter how creepy they look.

Spiders are an incredibly important part of nature and our indoor ecosystem. They are fellow organisms in their own right. It is not about animal rights here of course, but about their actual benefit to their environment, in this case, your home.

While you want to believe that your cozy home is perfectly insulated to the outside world, the truth is that there are many types of spiders found inside. Some are accidentally trapped. Others are short-term visitors. Others actually prefer life indoors. Maybe you see them all the time. Maybe you never or rarely run into them. But they are there.

Spiders Protect You From Other Pests

Most are secretive, rarely seen. They are not aggressive and not dangerous. However, they are offering free services to your home by eating pests. Some spiders even eat other spiders.

According to a recent survey of 50 North Carolina homes, every single home had spiders inside. The most common spiders found were cobweb spiders and cellar spiders. I bet you’ve seen those guys in your house.

While they are predators, they are obviously not dangerous to you. In your house, they eat just about anything, including insects and mosquitos. Yeap, spiders can save you from those itchy bites! See, they are good. Cellar spiders may hunt down other spiders and eat them for dinner (or breakfast, or whatever meals spiders eat).

Most Spiders Found Indoors Are Not Dangerous

If you are afraid of spiders, it is natural. Many humans are afraid of them. It is possible to overcome your fear, or at least learn to cope with it.

The truth is that you really have nothing to be afraid of. Spiders actually prefer to avoid humans. Most are not dangerous to us. Spider bites are rare. And while there are a few dangerous spiders, it is rare to encounter them, and it is pretty certain they won’t be found in your house.

If you really don’t want spiders in your home, rather than killing it, capture it and release it outside so it can continue its life and doing well for the environment. If you are afraid to capture them yourself, scream for help, as I do. My husband is always happy to carry these creatures outside.

All in all, spiders in your home are normal and can be beneficial. Don’t kill them, they won’t harm you.

How do you feel about spiders? Do you kill them, let them live indoors, or carry them outside? Share your thoughts in the comments, we would love to hear from you.


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