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A Simple Projective Test That Will Reveal Your Psychological State


Hello, beautiful mind! Have you ever heard of a projective test? Psychologists use them to assess their patients’ personalities.[1] They can things such as detailed pictures or more ambiguous silhouette inkblots. A projective test’s main aim is to evoke responses that will help doctors get to the heart of one’s psychological state.

Using the image below, we’re going to run a quick projective test to help you gain insight into what’s really going on in your mind right now. Ready? Okay!

Look at the following picture for exactly 3 seconds…

No more, no less.


Try and remember what you noticed first. If you’re finished, check out the interpretations below!



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Your mind is often wandering elsewhere – somewhere not even on this planet. For whatever reason, you often feel the weight of stress and anxiety which can make life seem as though it will blow up in your face any day now. As a result, you lose sleep and suffer from other stress-related side effects.

Although you may want to escape or be taken away by something like a UFO, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to express your emotions. Whether you speak to a friend or psychiatrist or find release in art, you might feel an incredible weight lifted off your shoulders.


You have the gift of empathy which can be both a blessing and a curse. In the same way you spotted the alien face first, you can easily put yourself in others’ shoes and truly understand what they’re going through and how they feel.

However, you often invest too much of yourself to into others’ problems to the extent that they become your own. To make this less painful, try to set limits for yourself and keep an emotionally healthy distance from your co-workers, friends, and family members who so often confide in you.



Thanks to your bird’s eye ability to see the bigger picture, when life tries to throw you off balance, your feet remain firmly planted. Because of your life experiences so far and whoever heavily influenced your upbringing, you approach life with a sense of calmness that very few people can grasp.

Even though you suffer hardship, your optimism can trump any negative situation and often allows you to help others through their own dark times.


You have a real keen eye for detail. Almost without fail, you can pinpoint problems in your life and even other people’s lives. Because you’re able to see things outside the box and from different angles, it’s as if you’re privy to knowledge that the average person doesn’t have.


Your problem, however, is that you can struggle to put that knowledge into action. You have the awareness of what needs to be done but don’t follow through and actually resolve the issue. As a result, not unlike the people in the image, you get carried away and stuck in your problems or successfully bring yourself back down to earth and address the reality of the problem. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

What did you see first?

Did any of these interpretations sync up with your current psychological state and speak to you on a deeper level? Did you see something that we didn’t? We hope this projective test taught you something about yourself or affirmed what you already knew.

Do more of our psychological tests to learn more about yourself!

[1] The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica. (2008, June 20). Projective test. Retrieved February 12, 2018, from

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