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Son Uses Security Camera to Contact Dad at Work Because He Didn’t Know How to Work the TV

Son Uses Security Camera to Contact Dad at Work Because He Didn't Know How to Work the TV
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There are very few people at this point who haven’t heard of the Ring security cameras. They are exceptionally helpful with catching neighborhood thieves, seeing whose dog is pooping in your yard, or checking to see who’s knocking at your door.

However, as a young Michigan boy – nicknamed “Baby Gracie” – demonstrated in this adorable video, Ring security cameras can also be used when you need to get a hold of your dad ASAP. (1, 2)

Little Know Use for Ring Security Camera

Baby Gracie was home for a bit by himself while his mom was visiting with a neighbor. He wanted to watch the “kids channel” but didn’t know how to get to it. So as a smart, witty solution, Baby Gracie went to the front porch to talk to his dad through the Ring security camera.

His dad, thankfully, recorded the whole exchange. You can watch the darling encounter here (it’s well worth it!):

Baby Gracie hurries up onto the porch and starts yelling “dad!” The moment his dad responds – speaking through the Ring security camera – a huge smile overtakes Baby Gracie’s face and he leans forward to give the camera a kiss.

After the big kiss, Baby Gracie proceeds to explain to his dad that his mom was at the neighbor’s house and had given him permission to come home and turn the “kids channel” on, only he didn’t know how. His dad, doing his best to speak through his own laughter, gave him instructions.

“I don’t know what twenty-five looks like!” Baby Gracie exclaimed when his dad told him to go to channel twenty-five, soon after going over what the power button on the side of the TV was. “Press the number ‘two’ and the number ‘five’ and point the remote at the TV,” was dad’s solution to the problem. During his dad’s explanation, Baby Gracie also has some fun making fish eyes in the camera, only making his dad laugh harder. (1)

If you listen closely, you can also hear the laughter of the coworkers at his dad’s workplace as they watch his adorable son through the Ring security camera.

By the end of the video, the camera received a good number of sloppy kisses from Baby Gracie. Baby Gracie’s parting words to his dad were, “okay, bye dad! I’ll give you one more kiss… love you, bye, bye!”

When In Doubt Call Dad Through The Ring Security Camera

Needless to say, if you are in need of a good smile and laugh, Baby Gracie has got your back. You have to wonder if he even realizes just how many smiles he has brought to the world. It’s amazing what smart thinkers kids can be. Thanks to the internet, they don’t just light up the lives of their parents, but everyone else watching, simply by being themselves. There’s a lot we can learn from the sweet and genuine authenticity of children.

If you happened to be looking for another reason why Ring security cameras can be useful, this unconventional use might be the added benefit you’ve been looking for! (2)

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