How to Effectively Quit Smoking and Crush Cravings With a Lime a Day

How to Effectively Quit Smoking and Crush Cravings With a Lime a Day
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how to stop smoking, natural ways to stop smoking, lime uses

Even though there are many compelling reasons to stop smoking, just dropping the habit cold turkey is difficult for many. Fortunately, a ton of products exist to give quitting smokers a hand, from nicotine gum to patches. But there’s one problem: sure, those products can help kick the cigarettes, but they do little to help with the nicotine addiction; they simply switch one source for another (and they’re super expensive!).

But there’s good news. Studies have shown that there are many completely natural and cost-effective options for fighting nicotine cravings and putting tobacco sticks where they belong: in the garbage bin.

The newest addition to that list is a sour fruit straight from your local grocery store fruit stand: lime.

How To Stop Smoking With Lime

how to stop smoking, natural ways to stop smoking, lime uses

Using lime as a tool to help you quit is surprisingly simple. Prepare the lime by quartering it and then splitting the quarter further into 4 pieces. Whenever you feel a craving coming on just take out 4 pieces and suck on them one at a time, chewing the skin of each.

Does it really work? Well, a study published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand tested the effectiveness of that exact method compared with that of nicotine gum.

The researchers found that, though lime was slower to act and lagged behind in the initial weeks, by the end of the study (weeks 9 to 12) lime had achieved an almost equal rate of success. That’s an amazing result for a natural solution that’s so common, affordable, and simple!

Lime worked so well, in fact, that its only failure was it’s slightly lower power to reduce cravings. But the reason is clear: nicotine gum actually contains… well, nicotine! The reduction of cravings the gum users experienced wasn’t so much a reduction if the reason was that they were still consuming nicotine.

So, for a natural alternative that can actually help beat nicotine addiction, lime did a great job! It’s no surprise the researchers concluded that lime use was worthwhile for those quitting smoking.

Plus, the pleasant fresh taste can help for some. And, for everyone else, lime’s helpful nutrients and vitamins, and its healing powers, can serve as an added bonus.

Other Natural Ways To Stop Smoking

  1. Acupuncture: A study found that smokers who received acupuncture to the point HT7 (Sinmun) for two days after quitting had significantly reduced smoking-related thoughts and much weaker withdrawal symptoms compared to those who received sham acupuncture.
  2. Self-Massage: As weird as it may sound, if you’re ever craving a smoke, try giving yourself a hand or ear massage. A study has shown that after a month, those participants who followed this rule for 3 cravings a day were less anxious, had improved moods, and experienced less withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Exercise: The rationale here is pretty straightforward. Exercising can distract you from cravings, balance your emotions, and give your body an energy boost. The next time a craving strikes, try going for a jog or doing some pushups. Just get your body moving!
  4. Mindfulness: When a craving hits, becoming aware of it and its origin can help overcome it. Why do you want this cigarette? What will you get from it? Is it worth it?
  5. Herbal remedies: Nicotine withdrawal comes with some powerful side-effects ranging from nausea to anxiety. To ease these symptoms, try some natural herbal remedies.



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