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Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Their Lives On Immature *Bleeps*

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“I’d rather be single than settle with someone I know is not for me,” you said.

So why do you settle? Why do you allow yourself to be in a relationship with someone whose soul doesn’t match your own? With someone, who deep down you know is not for you? And even more so, why do you continue to hop in and out of relationships for the sole purpose of simply being in a relationship?

Maybe you believe that being single is a bad thing, or that being single is perceived as not being good enough. But really, being single is a beautiful sort of love all on its own. And the only thing not being good enough is YOU to yourself. And maybe you believe that being single means you potentially could be forever ‘alone,’ when the truth is, you will only end up being alone or not with the person you’re truly meant to be with if you continue to keep settling with versions of love that are temporary distractions and fixes.

It Starts With Knowing Who You Are

I may not have personally met you, but I know you.

I know that you are one of a kind. I know your heart yearns to love someone so profoundly, and how deeply that desire resides in your soul. I know that your beauty thrives deep within you, and pours out of you. I know that you are someone worthy of all the things that life awaits to gift you with. I know enough about you to know that you are enough, perfect, whole, and complete and that you deserve to be with someone who fills your entire being. A person that makes your soul happy. A person who – even if you aren’t a morning person – makes you look forward to the day ahead just from the thought of waking up beside them.

I want to tell you that it is more than okay to wait for the right person for you. As a matter of fact, I HIGHLY encourage it. I also want to tell you that being single is positively AMAZING! It is one of the very best and healthiest things that you get to do for yourself when given the opportunity.

Learning To Love Yourself

If you haven’t noticed yet, life has a really funny sense of humor and you can always rely on it to throw exactly what is meant to be towards you. And you know what happens when we don’t take those opportunities? Life continues to throw handfuls of almost identical situations our way. And only until we shift how we handle the situations, do we wind up face to face with our next great adventures and life lessons.

Love is absolutely no different. If you’re single right now and reading this, Life has a message for you… (this may come as a surprise to you but…) IT WANTS YOU TO BE SINGLE! It wants you to fall in love yourself. It wants you to be in the best relationship of your life, with YOURSELF. And because life is likely narrated with your voice (or Beyoncé’s, or Morgan Freeman’s), the only voice that can tell you this about your life, is YOU.

But how do you make being single look and feel amazing for you?

Being single means spending time doing things that inspire and move you, doing things you love and sharing them with people who fuel your soul, elevate you, and make you happy, and taking the time to indulge and invest in yourself, and ultimately getting in touch with who you are deep in your core. THAT’S being single, and I promise you, it can definitely be more fulfilling than being in a relationship with someone whose soul is vibrating on a completely different frequency. Not to mention, it can be seriously toxic to your overall growth as a person. Life is too short, which is why it is so important to explore, finding people and things that give your life meaning and enrich your purpose, otherwise, why waste your time and theirs?

I urge you to stay single until you find someone whose soul resonates with yours.


That is truly the only love that is worth waiting for. You will understand in time. You’ll understand how taking this time to indulge in being single was simply an experience amongst all other experiences. And it will be funny, as life would have it, that after that moment in time you felt like would last forever has come to an end, you’ll realize that it really wasn’t long at all. Because your heart will have met the heart it was meant to be with, and the one that was meant to be shared with yours.

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