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5 Healthy Superfoods That can Save You Money

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Superfoods are foods that contain most of the essential nutrients our bodies can’t generate on their own. Every meal containing superfoods is vital to bringing us closer to our optimal weight, energy levels, our ability to focus, our capacity to detox, keeping our immune system in working order, and keeping our skin healthy and shiny.

As the adage goes: “we are what we eat.” The benefits of superfoods are endless, so why not empower yourself by bringing them into  your diet?

Unfortunately, superfoods get a bad rap for being very expensive (I’m looking at you quinoa). The good news is that there are lots of superfoods that are affordable as they are healthy. They also have the benefit of being quite tasty.

Here’s my list of affordable superfoods (how many can you find in your kitchen?):


1. Potatoes

Skip frying them and covering them in butter, sour cream, or heavy cheese. Potatoes, in their purest form, hold the nutritional elegance of yielding complex carbs and a healthy dosage of vitamins B and C. Your digestive system will certainly appreciate the healthy dose of fibre that potatoes bring to the table. Few things can beat the humble potato when it comes to being a superfood.

2. Sweet Potatoes


Speaking of potatoes, have you met its cousin, the sweet potato? They’re much more than the alternative to French fries. Baked sweet potatoes contain enough potassium, fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamin A to help you power through whatever your day brings. It becomes one of the ultimate superfoods by offering all this goodness with almost null in terms of fat.

3. Eggs

The egg came before the chicken in becoming a superfood. Eggs are one of the most efficient superfoods in terms of packing protein per calorie. The human body uses every bit of an egg’s protein. Eggs are one of most flexible superfoods in terms of preparation; everyone has their own particular way to enjoy this amazing superfood.

4. Bananas

Also known as nature’s booster shot because bananas contain potassium, fibre, and vitamins C and B6 (which can help lower blood pressure). Found everywhere, the banana is perfect to be eaten on the spot. Deceptively simple, bananas are amongst the top superfoods because of their nutritional punch, for being so delicious without any preparation, and for being the perfect addition to any fruit salad.

5. Kale


Last and certainly not least, Kale is so amazing that it should need no introduction to this list. It’s a perfect source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids. A superpower amongst leafy greens, kale is the super sidekick any meal needs.

These are my top ingredients to empower our budget and ourselves. I hope you’ll enjoy these amazing superfoods for your next meal.


Image Source: In the Best of Health

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