A Trip On The Most Beautiful Train Ride In America Starts At Just $97

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There are many different ways to travel. By land, air, and sea, or even by foot, bike, and car!

All of the options we have for travel come with their own lists of pros and cons, however. Traveling by air tends to be quick for covering large distances, but it’s also relatively expensive and you miss out on a lot of great views and experiences. Traveling by foot or bike is cheap, you get to be involved in your surroundings, and it’s economically friendly, but it’s tiring, takes forever, and is difficult to cover large distances. Driving is faster and not too expensive, but someone has to feel like driving the whole time and traffic gets pretty boring.

So if you’re wondering about ways to travel without spending your entire paycheck, exhausting your body, or gluing yourself to a steering wheel, then you should consider traveling by train! There’s a ride on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight that could be the exact thing you’re looking for! (1, 2)

Why Travel By Train?

Many of us tend to consider train travel to be a thing of the past. However, there is a route up and down the American West Coast that offers breathtaking views and a comfortable, luxurious travel experience. This 35-hour-long train trip between Los Angeles, California, and Seattle, Washington, is one of the Amtrak’s most popular rail lines, and for good reason! Not all train rides are comfortable or could be considered in the slightest bit enjoyable, but this line is entirely different. Travelers who coast the ride from start to finish are never disappointed. (1)

While riding this line and taking advantage of their observation cars and panoramic windows, you’ll drink in sights of tempting beaches, snow-capped mountains, lovely cityscapes, natural parks, and breathtaking coastlines! There is so much to see from start to finish, opening the door to plentiful photo-worthy opportunities. The Amtrak promotes several picturesque sights, including the Pacific Ocean, Klamath Falls, San Luis Obispo, and Mt. Shasta. If you’re a nature lover or even appreciate a good view, then this ride is most certainly for you! (1)

The Train Travel Amtrak Experience

Not only will you be able to observe the stunning views from wide windows, but guests of the Amtrak also have an option of listening to podcasts by the National Park Service in order to help them learn and understand the surrounding areas. The podcasts teach about the cultural sites on the route so they become more than just a lovely view! Not only will you come away from the trip with a memory reel full of beautiful sites, but you’ll also have a far greater understanding (and hopefully appreciation) of the things you saw along the way. (1)

In addition to the option of podcasts, there are many other comfortable amenities on the train. While the Coast Starlight train has been fully operational since the 1970’s, it went under serious renovations in 2008 when Amtrak revamped its offerings, upgrading their train with fresh equipment and brand new amenities. Passengers have the option of riding coach, business, or first class, but rest assured that all of the seats will offer you enough room to prevent you from feeling overly cramped. First class riders are offered plush seating, private rooms, and a movie theater! (1, 3)


Not only does traveling by train give you the freedom to relax and soak in the sights, but it’s not nearly as cramped as air travel and, believe it or not, you just might be able to make some new friends! Keep in mind that the route is extremely popular for tourists and regular travelers alike, so if you’re wanting to try it, be sure to book well in advance in order to ensure you get a seat. (1, 3)

Have you already been on the Coast Starlight? Tell us about your experience!


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