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Taking Grandma For a Quick Hit In a Race Car, Her Reaction Is Priceless

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Everybody loves grandma, and while she’s usually thought to be the loving, doting woman baking cookies for you and sliding you sugary snacks behind mom’s back, sometimes she’s not quite this poised. Sometimes she likes to get out of that kitchen and do something exciting! (1)

According to the Speed Society, “As gearheads, we sink plenty of time, effort, and hard-earned dollars into our machines. Eventually, even though they might not be perfect, they result in something that we can be proud to say is our very own. Naturally, that’s something that you’re going to want to share with everyone, especially those that you love.” Think about it: when you invest your money and time into a project, getting your hands dirty and your sweat on, you tend to be proud of the beautiful results that come of your hard work. Sharing these things with our loved ones is only a natural response – and sometimes that response results in some hilarious reactions.(1, 2)

While you could easily share your precious works with your spouse, sibling, friend, or coworker, sometimes grandma is the perfect person with whom to partake in the enjoyment of your wonderful work. What you’re about to see is a scenario in which a hardworking man and his grandmother take a ride in his wild sports car so he can show her what he’s been working on. As fully expected, he drives down that skinny pedal for just a little bit in order to show her what his car is capable of, both terrifying and delighting her with the intense burst of speed. While she certainly clutches to her seatbelt, it all turns out to be great fun as she apparently gets quite the humorous, colorful kick out the ordeal once it’s over. (1, 3)

The video begins with grandmother and grandson calmly sitting in the car as he drives, inquiring if she likes his car or not. “I love it,” the grandma states. “I want it!” As they pull around a corner, he slows the car and informs her that she has to tell him to “go!” Confused, she offers the correct command and he immediately sends his beast into gear, showing her exactly what kind of power his car is capable of as she leans far back in her seat to absorb the speed. According to the Speed Society, “It looks like when this car can grab traction, that power is enough to push your brain to the back of your skull! It looks like just enough to make grandma’s eyes widen and pull out of her quite a reaction that you’ve got to love seeing with something like this.” (1, 3)

The grandmother’s full reaction is just something you have to see for yourself. Be sure to check out the video to see what people and power can collaborate to make. Prepare yourself to be amused at the at the genuine reaction grandma makes in response to the sudden speed, and watch the enjoyable moments they share and what she has to contribute after he finally slows his vehicle.


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