The First Thing You See In This Picture Will Reveal Your Deepest Subconscious Fear

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Everyone is afraid of something. 

Fear is a very integrated part of the human experience and the things you are afraid of can say a lot about who you are and how you view and approach the world and your life experiences. 

It can be hard to determine where fear is coming from though. Is it stemming from a trauma, a childhood phobia, anxiety, perceptions of the future or somewhere else? 

Where Does Your Fear Come From? 

The image we’re about to show you is designed specifically to help you determine where your fear stems from. Identifying where the foundation of your fears might be can help you effectively visualize them and even face them.

Are you ready? 

Don’t think! Just look at this picture… 

The First Thing You See In This Picture Will Reveal Your Deepest Subconscious Fear


What did you see first? What stuck out to you the most? The little girl, the butterfly, the skull, the strawberry, the spider, the trees, or the teddy bears? 

Whatever you saw first, check out what it says about you and where the foundation of your fears might stem from! 

#1. The Little Girl

If the first thing that stuck out to you was the little girl, it could mean that a lot of your fear stems from childhood emotions that you have repressed overtime. 

This is incredibly common. Most people have a lot of emotions and experiences from their childhood that they have suppressed and haven’t allowed to surface or process. When you don’t allow yourself to process emotions and keep them stored in your body, literally and figuratively, your body will often find ways to express them in some way during your adult life. 

For example, let’s say you your mother didn’t show you enough affection when you were younger, the emotions and experience of that may lead to you having difficulty making decisions when you’re older and also impact your adult relationship with not only your mother, but other close relationships in your life. 

Take some time to evaluate your childhood experiences and see if you can find any similarities or synchronicities in how you perceive the world and your relationships and experiences in your life. You might be surprised by what comes up for you.

#2. The Butterfly 

Butterflies are usually associated with light, hope and happiness, however, when it comes to this image, if the butterfly is what stuck out to you, it can also be a reflection of fears that reside in your unconscious or subconscious mind, such as the fear of new beginnings or even death. 

Subconscious fears can develop overtime if a person has ever experienced a great loss or has had experiences with rejection or missing out on big opportunities. 

Evaluate your feelings towards loss, rejection, or other traumatic or highly impactful experiences in your life and see if maybe some of your fears and insecurities could have developed from those. Identifying these connections can help you process and better understand the ways you feel. 

#3. The Skull

If the skull is what stuck out to you first, then that pinpoints death specifically as a subconscious fear. 

It’s not necessarily the fear of your own death, however, but the death of a loved one or someone close to you that you care deeply about. 

Especially if you have experienced the trauma of loss already in your life, then this shadow of a fear can definitely find its way into your life in both your subconscious and conscious mind. It’s not always something that can be chased away, but acknowledging and accepting it can make a big difference in how you feel and perceive it and even handle it. 

#4. The Strawberry 

The image of a strawberry can represent the heart, especially in this image, it’s right at the center of the picture and is enlarged to stand out. If this is what stuck out to you first, then it’s an indication to look inward. 

More specifically, it’s an indicator that your fears and insecurities could stem around love, whether that be accepting love, giving love, or just the concept of love in general. Fears or insecurities surrounding the concept of love can stem all the way back into your childhood and impact your ability to show love, affection and trust or even accept those things from another person. 

Regardless of where it comes from, it can be beneficial to look inward, get real and honest with yourself and discover not only what your fears or insecurities around love might be, but also where they come from and how they are impacting the relationships in your life and how you approach your daily life experiences. 

#5. The Spider

Spiders tend to be a big fear of people’s just one their own, however, when it comes to this image, the spider is another indicator of subconscious fears, specifically regarding fears surrounding the feeling that you’re not in a safe place. 

Whether this means a physical location or where you are emotionally or even spiritually, that’s for you to determine. Think about where you are at physically and in all areas of your life and pinpoint stressors and feelings of unease that come up anywhere. 

This can help you determine where your internal insecurities and fears might be stemming from and help you decide where some shifting or changes need to take place in your life in order for you to feel a sense of safety and security again and also help you live life to a fuller level.

#6. The Trees

If the trees are what stuck out to you first, these can be pointing down to your roots or be indicating an emotional split or contradiction you might be fearing or experiencing, a way you might be feeling torn.

The fear or experience of feeling emotionally split or torn is a very common emotional experience. This sensation can stem from emotionally challenging situations you’ve experienced where you’ve felt pulled in different directions or had struggles making the best decisions and can expose a lot of doubts or uncertainties you may have about yourself and your beliefs.

One of the best ways to help you navigate these emotional discords is seeking some outward help with people you trust to help you work through things and find your own confidence in your intuition and ability to make decisions again. Working through and outwardly processing these emotionally torn experiences can really help you figure out what they are and why you are in the emotional state that you are in and help you develop the ability to weather them if they ever occur again.

#7. The Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are very common representations of childhood comfort, which could be something you are lacking or experiencing a need for – a way to feel less afraid or intimidated by your fears. 

The teddy bears could be indicators of subconscious fears you might have that stem from instances in your life where you lacked comfort and the tools you needed to handle or face a tough or even scary or traumatic situation. 

Fears that stem from situations in your life where you lacked comfort and the tools to properly face the situation can cause fears of the unknown to develop and insecurities towards any experiences that may reflect the experiences in your past where you felt vulnerable, scared and alone. 

It could be a good idea to think through your past about any situations where you felt particularly lonely and void of comfort and find out what sort of fears you have developed overtime that impact how you approach other uncomfortable or scary scenarios in your life now. Pinpointing these specific fears and where they come from is the first step in being able to overcome them and develop the tools you need in order to face whatever life throws your way with confidence. 


Fascinating, right? Identifying and confronting your fears and insecurities, no matter where they stem from, can be incredibly uncomfortable and difficult, but doing so can be the difference between you now and you living your life to a fuller, fulfilling level. You have what it takes to process fear and overcome it. What are you waiting for?

Was this article helpful for you? Do you feel inclined to share what stood out to you and why? If so, please do in the comments, we would love to hear from you and learn from your experiences!  

By Sara Wylie

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