The Prophecy Of The Rainbow Warriors

The Prophecy Of The Rainbow Warriors
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Native American legends are a truly beautiful thing. Traditional stories, myths, and prophecies are passed down from generation to generation for entertainment, guidance, and culture. Hearing a Native American legend always makes me wonder about the first time it was told. Perhaps by a Native American chief standing beside a crackling fire, or under the light of the moon and stars.

There is one legend that has been preserved for many years, prophesying of a terrible future time. But look a little closer and you might see that this future day may have already arrived.

The Prophecy Coming True

The legend is called “The Warriors of the Rainbow,” and while the version shared here originated from the Cree tribe, a similar version can be found in other tribes, such as the Zuni and Hopi tribes.

The legend begins describing how over time the world and mankind will become sick and corrupted. The fish will die in streams, the birds will fall from the air, and the trees will disappear. Humankind will become greedy and jealous, and separate from one another according to race or religion.

While the legend makes these happenings sound a bit dramatic, they actually don’t seem too far from the truth of the present day. Pollution and global warming have both contributed to many deaths of fish, birds and other animals. Industrialization has caused billions of trees to disappear. And just a scroll or two down Twitter or Facebook can tell you that people are filled with jealousy, prejudice, and greed.

The Warriors Of The Rainbow

But the prophecy doesn’t end there. The legend explains that certain people will rise out of this fallen world to restore it to its original beauty and harmony. These people will be called The Warriors of the Rainbow.

It is said that these warriors will be wise in the ways of legends, rituals, and ancient tribal customs. They will lead mankind out of hate and darkness and teach them to recognize the Great Spirit, who is the all-powerful and divine being that is believed by the Native Americans to have created the earth.

With the help of these Rainbow Warriors, mankind will again be filled with purity, love, and strength. All living beings will be able to roam the earth, free of toxicity and destruction, and all the sick, poor, and needy will be cared for.

Become Your Own Warrior

Whether or not the prophecy will come to pass as described in this Native American legend, it’s clear that the world could use these Warriors of the Rainbow. So why not be your own warrior?

Becoming a warrior for good and making a difference in the world can be as simple as having a good heart, caring for mother nature, and finding ways to reach out and help others. If everyone in the world tried a little harder every day to put more positivity into the world, we might just see the rest of the prophecy come true and help the world return to harmony.

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