The Spiritual Significance Of The Dragonfly: Do You See Them Often?

The Spiritual Significance Of The Dragonfly: Do You See Them Often?
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Dragonflies are beautiful. They always bring a smile to my face.

They are not only pretty to look at, but seeing them also has a deep spiritual meaning.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Dragonflies 

Dragonflies are associated with transformation, light, and personal growth. They invite you to dig deep, feel your emotions, start to understand yourself better, peel back those layers, and find your light.

They fly without effort and change directions quickly. They invite you to embrace this lightheartedness, flexibility, and adaptability. Don’t be afraid to change directions. Embrace change and new transformations.

Dragonflies vary in colors depending on the light and the angle you look at them. This quality reminds you to be flexible and unapologetic. It also invites you to stop trying to hide and shine your truth.

Dragonflies seem fairy-tale like. They invite you to approach life with childlike curiosity and energy.

Dragonflies are symbols of brightness, joy, and abundance. They remind you to enjoy life, be grateful, and focus on the positive.

Dragonflies also symbolize emotions and depth of character. They are a perfect reminder to stay in tune with your emotions and to stop hiding parts of you from the world and those around you.

Dragonflies are also linked to transformation. They invite you to question your place in life, to explore your dreams, to shed your layers, to let go, to go towards the future, and to transform your life.

Shine Your Light

You may see dragonflies during transitional times as you are cleansing emotionally or physically. They give you more confidence as you move through these times. They invite you to emerge authentically as your new self. Trust yourself. Trust your path. Trust your dreams.

Keep the dragonfly as your spirit animal during your journey.

Do you have a spirit animal? How does it support your life? Share away in the comments, we want to hear your stories.

Written by Kat Gal

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