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This Inflatable Irish Pub Turns Your Backyard Into A Bar

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This looks like so much fun!

Who doesn’t love a traditional Irish pub? Seriously! You don’t have to be Irish to fall in love with them. Irish pubs are popular in the US and all over the world. You don’t even have to be a drinker to love them. I actually don’t drink alcohol, yet I still absolutely love hanging out at Irish pubs with friends. They have so much character!

But what if there isn’t an Irish pub near your house? And what if you just don’t feel like leaving your home for a beer?

Don’t worry! You can have an Irish pub in your backyard. I am not even kidding!

Your solution is called The Paddy Wagon Pub. (1)

What Is The Paddy Wagon Pub?

The Paddy Wagon Pub is an inflatable pub!

An inflatable pub? Are you serious?

I am completely serious!

Remember those inflatable bounce houses you see at kids’ birthday parties and other kid events? Man, those are so exciting! My parents never got me an inflatable bounce house. Granted, we lived in an apartment building. Still, I loved them at carnivals and festivals, and secretly wish I could just rent one for my OWN birthday as an adult. Perhaps I could, but I fear that my friends’ kids would take over…

The Paddy Wagon Pub sounds like my solution! It is a Boston-based company that rents out bounce houses for adults. They are a blow-up version of an Irish pub. Yup, they even include real beverages to make it a somewhat authentic experience and more of a grown-up place.

How Do They Work?

These inflatable bars look just like the real Irish pubs, both inside and out. They are complete with brickwork, a fake fireplace, chimneys, and light fixtures. They offer a full range of drinks, as well as Irish foods, such as Shepherds Pie, curry fries, and soda bread. If that wasn’t enough, they also provide live music, DJs, Irish dancers, “pour your own pint” demonstrations and other fun entertainment. They even have some cute, friendly wolfhounds to pet and cuddle with. See, I told you, you don’t even have to be a drinker or a party person. You will love it for the puppies.

The Paddy Wagon Pub sounds perfect for adult birthday parties, graduation parties, company events, and even weddings. People have rented it for college graduation parties, neighborhood events, and St. Patrick’s Day. The reviews are awesome. It is not surprising, considering what a fun idea it is.

See images here: 


Looking at their pictures, I am personally missing one thing: the bounce. Children’s bounce houses are bouncy. You can jump around in them. These inflatable houses offer food, drinks, and entertainment, but there isn’t a bounce area to jump around. Maybe I still need to rent a kid’s bounce castle for that purpose too?

What do you think about The Paddy Wagon Pub? Would you rent it? Did you love inflatable houses as a kid? Share away your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.


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