This Song Will Help You Get Through Losing A Loved One And Bring Peace To Your Soul

This Song Will Help You Get Through Losing A Loved One And Bring Peace To Your Soul
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The Power Of Music In Emotional Healing 

At some point in every one of our lives, we will all have to face the great pain that comes with losing a loved one. Many children lose parents and grandparents as they grow old and pass away. Sometimes sickness or tragedy may strike and seem to take those we love sooner than we might expect. Some people may have yet to suffer a loss in their circles of relatives or friends, but they are undoubtedly familiar with the fear and sadness that comes from imagining what it might be like when that day finally comes.

Grief is a universal and unavoidable response to the death of someone you love. As those who are left behind, we feel sorrow at being separated from the person that had passed on. We miss them, and with the very little exception, we wish they were still with us. The hardest part of facing their passing is being ready to say goodbye.

There’s a song sung by Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling that may help that goodbye seem a little more possible. Music can be a powerful tool in helping us better understand and cope with our emotions, especially when there may not seem like words alone can express how we feel. These lyrics describe the experience of loss, but also of love, and finally of peace.

“Knowing What I Know About Heaven” is almost like a window beyond the grave into the heaven that awaits those who have left us. Though we are sad to see our loved ones go, the angels that greet them at the gates are filled with joy to see them arrive. The air is filled with song and laughter, the streets are paved with gold, and there is no pain or sadness in this place. As you listen to the picture Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling paint with their voices, you can’t help but feel a flutter of joy in your heart when you think that this is the kind of place your loved one now waits.

The sadness we feel isn’t all the way gone, but there’s comfort in knowing that those who left us are safe and well. “Where every tear is raining here from my eyes,” the song goes, “I know the sun is shining where you are.” Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling let us feel our grief, but as they sing they offer us so much hope and peace when they remind us that the ones we are missing are in a better place. And not just a good place, but the best place. True heaven. They sing, “ Knowing that you’re somewhere better is all I need to let you go.”

We don’t stop missing them or wanting them to with us again, but we can wave goodbye at last with a smile on our face knowing what awaits them. “I could hope that I could pray you back, but why on earth would I do that…knowing what I know about heaven.”

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