The Top 25 Health Secrets of Carrots

The Top 25 Health Secrets of Carrots


Carrots were originally grown in central Asia, the Middle East, and part of Europe, several thousand years ago. Many years later, in the 15th and 16th centuries, they became popular and were grown throughout Europe and were introduced to North America.

The Apiaceae family of plants

Carrots are members of the Apiaceae family of plants, a family that also includes anise, caraway, celery, cumin, dill, fennel, and parsnips. The term “carrot” is believed to emanate from a Greek word, “karaton”. It appears that the letters “kar” are used in Greece to refer to any object that has a “horn-like” shape – as of course does the root of the carrot.

The role of the carrot in weight management

Carrots play an important role in the lives of many people who pursue a holistic health lifestyle. They are full of vitamins and minerals, as you’ll read a little later, and, alongside celery, they’re great for making crudités, low calorie raw veggie treats that you can snack on, in-between meals when you’re watching your weight.

Crunchily healthy

The root of the carrot has a lovely sweet and sometimes minty taste; it also has a wonderful crunchy texture. This crispness is great for helping to keep your teeth clean, and your gums on good health. Carrot tops, (which kids love to watch grow, by slicing the top off a carrot and putting it in a saucer of water), have a slightly bitter taste.

Color me a carrot

We tend to think of carrots as being orange, but in actual fact they were originally yellow. It was the Dutch who were responsible for developing the orange strain we see most often today; but they also come in red, purple, white, and a remarkable looking bull’s-eye pattern of orange and white spirals.

A rich source of beta-carotene

Carrots are best known for being a rich source of a type of antioxidant known as beta-carotene, but they’re good for you in so many other ways too, as you’re about to find out.

Are you sitting comfortably?-Then we’ll begin. Here are 25 help tips about the goodness of the humble carrot. It’s no wonder Bugs Bunny is still going strong, as you’re about to see.

Benefit # 1 – balancing blood acid: carrots contain vital alkaline elements that have the ability to purify and re-energies your blood by keeping the acid and alkaline metals, (as well as blood sugar levels) in good balance.

Benefit # 2 – combating anemia: the molecules in carrots are rather like the molecules of hemoglobin in your blood, making carrots an important asset in helping to keep your blood hemoglobin in plentiful supply.

Benefit # 3 – fights the signs of aging: the vitamin see that carrots contain is essential for the production of collagen, which as you is probably aware, is vital for keeping your skin supple and elastic. This also helps to combat wrinkles and keeps your skins pigmentation healthy too. The beta-carotene that carrots contain also fights any free radicals which can otherwise cause cell damage.

Benefit # 4 – anti-septic support: carrots are known for their antiseptic characteristics which is why they are often used as a laxative, a vermicide, and a tonic for liver ailments.

Benefit # 5 – Fights atherosclerosis: carrots contain potassium, a mineral that is able to keep your blood vessels and arteries more supple, thereby helping to facilitate better blood flow and promote good circulation, which results in healthy organ function. All of these benefits also serve to keep hypertension at bay.

Benefit # 6 – release hypertension: as mentioned above, the benefits of combating atherosclerosis also benefit hypertension, but in addition, the carrot annoyance containing carrots help to regulate blood sugar, whilst the potassium helps to manage the levels of sodium that can otherwise cause high blood pressure. Another substance found in carrots, namely coumarin, so thought to be able to lower hypertension and protect heart health.

Benefit # 7 – an anti carcinogen: in the same way that an anti-oxidant known as falcarinol helps to protect the carrots routes from fungus attack, in humans. It can also help to prevent cancer by eliminating pre-cancerous cells, thereby reducing the likelihood of developing breast cancer, colon cancer, or lung cancer.

Benefit # 8 – a source of calcium: calcium, as is well known and documented, is essential for healthy bone and ligament development.

Benefit # 9 – cardiovascular health: research has concluded that the action of alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, carotenoids, and Lutein combine to protect the heart from certain illnesses. Furthermore, the fiber and pectin in carrots, helps to reduce levels of serum cholesterol.

Benefit # 10 – soothes congestion: juice made from carrots is also a useful agent or helping to read the ear, nose and throat of new goods, thereby providing relief from nasal congestion and other conditions, including phlegm and sinusitis.

Benefit # 11 – combat diabetes: the carotenoids that carrots contain have the ability to combat insulin resistance by regulating the quantity of insulin and glucose that the body manufactures; thereby helping to prevent sugar spikes and smooth the levels of blood sugar.

 Benefit # 12 – promotes dental health: as mentioned earlier, the crunchiness of carrots helps to build strong gums and cleans your teeth. The action of showing also creates saliva, which helps to neutralize acid which otherwise can lead to cavities forming in your teeth. The mineral content contained in carrots is also helpful in destroying germs.

Benefit # 13 – a detox agent: the production of vitamin A that carrots stimulate is a vital component for flashing toxins out of the body and minimizing the build-up of bile and fat in your liver. The fiber that carrots contain is also great for cleaning your colon.

Benefit # 14 – good for the digestion: The fiber that is contained in carrots is beneficial in promoting good digestion, and regulating bowel movements. It assists in keeping constipation at bay, and combats acid reflux.

Benefits # 15 – helps to soothe Emphysema: Eating carrots regularly can help to soothe the symptoms of emphysema that are brought on the smoking too much.

Benefit # 16 – Improves night vision:  It’s true what your mom used to say. Carrots help you see in the dark. As well as good for your eyesight general, thanks to the beta-carotene, the lutein and the zeaxanthin that they contain, they also help to improve night vision by facilitating the conversion of vitamin A into rhodopsin, a purple pigment that is essential seeing in the dark.

Benefit # 17 – fertility booster: Infertility is caused in part because of a deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals which carrots contain in abundance.

Benefit # 18 – combats hair loss: The vitamin C and E that carrots contain assist in improving blood circulation in your scalp, this nourishing your hair follicles.

Benefit # 19 – anti-inflammatory: Sliced or grated uncooked carrot can be used in wound dressings to promote rapid healing and foster good skin healthy tone.

Benefit # 20 – improves the immune system: Because of the vitamin C, plus a number of other antiseptic and anti-bacterial substances they contain, carrots help to increase production of white blood cells which are essential for a healthy immune system.

Benefit # 21 – soothes menstrual pain: carrots contain a substance called phytoestrogen which can regulate your menstrual flow and help to soothe period pain, as well as helping you to deal with hot flushes.    

Benefit # 22 – supports nursing moms: the galactagogue in carrots improves the availability and quality of mom’s milk.

Benefit # 23 – good for expectant women: eating carrots during pregnancy can help to promote healthy development of the fetus, and minimizes the risk of miscarriage. It is also recommended that you drink carrot juice in your final semester to reduce the risk of baby being born with jaundice.

Benefit # 24 – good for your skin: The various antioxidants, carotenoids and vitamins in carrots help to nourish your skin. This helps you to avoid skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, rashes, and psoriasis. Carrots can also help to prevent sun burn which is why they are an active ingredient in many of the sun blockers that are on sale.

Benefit # 25 – other helpful health benefits: Carrot juice can be drunk to combat thread worms in youngsters. In addition the many nutrients that carrots contain help to stave off ulcers, and minimize fluid retention which can be important for menstruating and pregnant women.

Carrots help to promote your holistic health lifestyle

All in all, including carrots as a regular part of your well balanced diet will help to promote a holistic health lifestyle.



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