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Toxic Magnetic Putty Pulled for Having 7x the Legal Limit of a Deadly Heavy Metal


Parents and caregivers beware: The latest toy trend to hit the market, Magnetic Putty, is dangerous to your child’s health. The product has been pulled from all shelves in its native Northamptonshire, England, for containing toxic levels of arsenic, but is still in circulation after being sold on Amazon all over the world, including North America.

What is Magnetic Putty?

Magnetic Putty is a slime-like toy that comes with a bag of putty and a small magnet that children can use to mould he putty into whatever shape they desire. While the idea may seem harmless, this couldn’t be further from the truth. (1)


The toy does not have the CE kite label required to show that it abides by the rules and regulations set in the UK for all children’s toys. Northamptonshire Trading Standards came in and removed the product for testing, and what they have found is shocking. (1)

Not only does Magnetic Putty exceed the allowable magnetic force of a single product by 29 times and has double the amount of permissible lead, but it also contains seven times the legal limit of the deadly poison arsenic. (1)

While even just handling a product with those levels of lead and arsenic can be dangerous, if a child were to accidentally swallow some, the effects could be fatal.

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Where is Magnetic Putty Sold?

Though primarily sold at stalls in Northamptonshire, the product was also available on Amazon and other online stores for shipment worldwide. The problem, along with the missing required safety label, is there is no information on the manufacturer or importer. This makes the product, and those responsible for it, very difficult to track and much slower to remove from circulation. (1)

The Dangers of Arsenic

While many of us know of arsenic as deadly “rat poison”, the reality is that arsenic is found naturally in the earth’s crust. It is distributed through earth, air, and water, and is extremely toxic in its inorganic form. Unfortunately, arsenic is found in high levels in the groundwater of many countries, and can be consumed by humans through: (2)

  • Contaminated drinking water
  • Contaminated water used for preparing and cooking food
  • Contaminated water used for growing crops
  • Industrial processes
  • Smoking tobacco

Though acute poisoning can occur, the largest threat to public health is from long-term exposure to low levels. This has been associated with several health problems, including: (2)

  • Cancer
  • Skin lesions
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Impaired cognitive development from in utero and early childhood exposure
  • Increased deaths in young adults

How to Avoid Chronic Arsenic Poisoning

There is plenty you can do in your own home and while going about your day to avoid chronic arsenic exposure and arsenic poisoning:

Installing arsenic water filters in your home is fantastic not only for preventing contaminated drinking and cooking water, but also for keeping the water that you and your family use for showering, brushing your teeth, and cleaning with safe. In the case of a regional contamination, you and your family will be protected, as well as you will no longer be exposed to the small levels of arsenic that are most likely already there,

What to Do if You Have Purchased Magnetic Putty


If you or someone you know has purchased Magnetic Putty, report it immediately to your state poison control and follow their instructions to get rid of it.

If you see Magnetic Putty on any store shelves or online shopping websites, be sure to notify the store or site of the dangers of the product so they will remove it from their inventory. Lastly, and most importantly, pass this article along to all the parents you know so that every child will be safe from this toxic toy.


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