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9 Anti-Inflammatory Foods Anyone With a Skin Condition Should Eat Every Day of the Week

9 Anti-Inflammatory Foods Anyone With a Skin Condition Should Eat Every Day of the Week
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HHL_july11_04Living with a skin condition is irritating, uncomfortable and upsetting. Having eczema or psoriasis can drain your confidence and leave you feeling isolated. It is important that you remember that you’re not alone, in fact between 2-5% of the global population suffers with eczema and there are 125 million sufferers of psoriasis.

With so many people suffering from both conditions a lot of research has been put into finding ways to alleviate and ultimately eliminate them. Although there may not be a magic pill or cream yet there are simple changes you can make to your diet that will reduce the likelihood and/or severity of the condition. Here are eight essential foods you should be eating if you suffer with eczema or psoriasis.


With its high level of omega-3 fatty acids, eating fish twice a week is essential for improving your skin. Researchers discovered that an increase of omega-3 in psoriasis sufferers led to the improved skin condition of 60% of the patients in the trial. The omega-3 slows the growth of skin cells which cause psoriasis and amazingly also slows the growth of cancer cells in the breast, prostate and colon!


Carrots aren’t just for night vision and bugs bunny! They contain a huge amount of vitamin C, which is a crucial nutrient for skin health. It has been proven that Vitamin C limits dry skin and can prevent the outbreak of both eczema and psoriasis. When you buy them make sure you buy organic so that none of the nutritional value is lessened by pesticides.  


Foods to eat to help eczema

With a similar Vitamin C percentage as carrots, blueberries are the perfect healthy snack for psoriasis treatment. Blueberries also have anti-inflammatory qualities which reduce itchiness and irritability to already infected areas.

Lean meats

Fatty and fried foods are well known to provoke inflammation of affected areas and should be avoided at all costs! Where possible look to avoid red meats, however, when a craving is unavoidable make sure you are picking the leaner cuts like sirloin.  


Potatoes should play a major role in any eczema elimination diet. They are rich in fibre which helps ensure that toxins are released through digestion and not through the skin. Along with the alkalizing effect that potatoes have level of toxicity being expelled from your skin will drop dramatically by increasing your consumption.

Rice Milk 

With any skin condition the fat content in your diet must remain low – therefore no dairy! To replace the milk in your hot drinks use rice milk. It contains no saturated fat, no chemicals and unlike soy and almond it is extremely rare to be allergic to it.


Foods to eat to help eczema

As the awareness of the negative health impacts that gluten can have grows the more people look for an alternative. Buckwheat is one such alternative that is a superfood for sufferers of eczema or psoriasis. It concerns quercetin which stabilizes the cells in the body that release histamine and therefore has a similar impact to antihistamine drugs to reduce irritable skin conditions.


Another great food that acts as an anti-histamine, bananas have a range of benefits if you have eczema or psoriasis. They are also high in vitamin C, which we have already discussed can help prevent your skin from drying out. The skins have also been shown to have a positive impact on already affected areas by simply rubbing them gently on the skin.

Beef Broth

The foods on this list are concerned with preventing the outbreak of eczema and psoriasis or easing the irritation of the affected skin. However, beef broth contains the amino acid glycine which is THE vital ingredient to skin repair. By adding beef broth to soups and stews you’ll be assisting your body in its recovery.

With just a small alteration to your diet you will really reap the benefits of improved skin. Understanding exactly what goes into your body and the impact it has makes eczema and psoriasis much more manageable and gives you greater control of the condition. So it’s time to start looking for some new recipes for these skin-friendly foods.



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