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How to Treat Your Indigestion with Ayurveda

How to Treat Your Indigestion with Ayurveda
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Indigestion is often characterized by feelings of discomfort and bloating after a meal. These feelings are often accompanied by burning sensations and pain that tear through the upper part of your stomach. In any case, it’s not a good feeling.

In fact, indigestion is quite often a sign of some other underlying problem (e.g. ulcers, thyroid disease, irritable bowel syndrome) with other symptoms, rather than existing on its own. Because it’s associated with so many different types of illnesses, it’s important to find healthy ways to combat it.

Believe it or not, there are a number of ancient, Hindu Ayurvedic medications that have been used in the East for thousands of years. Many of them have different benefits associated with their natural ingredients – and thankfully, they can also be used to ease indigestion.

To be specific, these solutions are known for their healing properties when it comes to improving the symptoms that link back to indigestion:

1. By mixing fennel, thyme, coriander, cumin seeds, and black pepper into your food, your body will do a better job digesting your food so that you don’t have to deal with any discomfort.

2. Squeezing some lemon juice over a fresh piece of ginger and sprinkling it with a small pinch of salt can reduce gastrointestinal stress and relieve gassiness in your gut. Another option is to add some lemon and ginger to a glass of ice water. The benefit of drinking it is that your body absorbs the nutrients much more quickly than it would with solid foods.

3. Aloe Vera is usually used for its moisturizing and healing effects on the skin. While it is entirely useful in that regard, the juice extracted from the leaves can also improve your body’s digestive processes. A healthy dose to relieve digestive problems is about 10-20ml of juice a day.

4. If you haven’t eaten yet, adding some lemon and honey to a glass of warm water can help sooth your digestive system. For this mixture, people generally tend to steer clear of food until their stomachs have had the chance to absorb the liquids.

5. A big favorite in India is to make chutney with ginger, lemon juice, and green chili. It’s relatively easy to digest and the ingredients in the mix make it easier for food to flow through and out of your body.

Again, Ayurvedic medications have been used for thousands of years – anything from treating skin problems to heart issues, tooth decay, stress relief, and of course, indigestion. The biggest benefit is that while you still get the healing properties that they possess, you’re keeping your body free from any synthetic, toxic materials that you can often find in conventional medicines.

There’s a reason why these alternative solutions have persisted throughout history. More and more doctors are learning about the therapeutic benefits of these foods, ad more and more clinics are opening up globally to bring them to the world. Before you know it, we may never have to touch a bottle of pills again.


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