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5 Signs You Love Someone That Doesn't Deserve You

5 Signs You Love Someone That Doesn't Deserve You
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Healthy, long-lasting relationships aren’t something that just happens. It’s a process between two people based on respect, trust, and love. They’re about being able to give yourself to a person because they give so much of themselves to you. And this isn’t only true for romantic relationships; long-lasting friendships are also based on these values. But an unhealthy relationship that is only held up by one person is like trying to light a fire with a wet match: it just won’t work.

Signs You Are In An Unhealthy Relationship

unhealthy relationship

So how are we supposed to know we’re in a one-sided relationship? Well, here are some signs that you can look out for if you suspect that you’re the only one giving and not receiving.

#1 They Undermine You

If your partner or friend is constantly belittling you, or never seems to miss an opportunity to criticize you, it just shows that they aren’t conscious of your feelings. Someone that is constantly trampling on your feelings isn’t the kind of person you should be around. If someone loves you, they’ll bring you up instead of tearing you down and they make sure that if they do hurt you, that they apologize and let you know that they didn’t do it on purpose.

#2 They Lie Constantly

unhealthy relationship

Trust is a huge part of any relationship. If someone is constantly being caught in a lie, they are purposefully disrespecting you. Someone who really cares about you understands that trust is an important part of what you share and would never take it for granted. Trust is a delicate thing that once broken, is never really the same again after.

#3 They Cheat

Someone who cheats on you isn’t the kind of person that you should be with. While the implications are pretty obvious with romantic partners, cheating on your friends is also a real thing. When friends cheat on each other, it’s emotional cheating; they lie about spending time with other people, or about being busy so that they don’t need to attend to you. In both cases, trust is destroyed and almost impossible to get back. It’s important to know when to walk away, because it could save you more heartache in the end.

#4 They Are Unreliable

unhealthy relationship

You know that if your partner or friend needed you, you would be there. That’s why it hurts so much when they let you down. And if they are constantly letting you down, whether it’s failing to follow through with plans or just not being there when you need someone to lean on, then they don’t value your relationship the same way you do. They are too self-centered and focused on their own happiness to care about yours. If your partner isn’t dependable, they don’t deserve you.

#5 They Don’t Change

This last sign should also be considered the last straw. If you notice that your friend or partner does or has been doing the first 4 signs, and you have brought it to their attention but they don’t do anything to rectify the situation, then it’s time to call it quits. We are all human, we make mistakes, but we are also capable of change. The only thing is, they really need to want to change because just saying it is not nearly enough. If all you’ve gotten is empty promises and not an actual change, then it’s time to wish each other luck and go your separate ways.

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