What does the way you sit reveal about your personality?

What does the way you sit reveal about your personality?

Body language is a strong form of communication. More specifically, your sitting position can say a lot about your personality. Take a look at these different sitting positions and find out if the way you sit describes you perfectly.

Position A

People who sit in this position are quirky and unique. They have their own rhythm in life and enjoy doing things on their own, like travelling. They’re also the type of people who are sometimes oblivious to their surroundings and are totally okay with not knowing much about what’s going on around them. They have a radiant love of life and they practice spontaneity. When you see them, you wonder how someone could be that carefree and optimistic. You will find these people spending their weekend reading a book for hours at a local coffee shop.

Position B

People who sit in this way are thinkers and dreamers. They have their small goals and big goals laid out and are always striving to conquer what’s in front of them. When you talk to these people, you feel inspired and are moved by the amount of determination they have as they persevere towards their dreams. You will always hear them talk about their present and future plans and they love the idea of failure. These people have a contagious energy that you want to be around. They’re also quite outgoing and love sharing ideas with others who as passionate as them.

Position C

People who sit in this position are friendly and very laid back. Not many things bother them and they live life with a laissez-faire attitude. They’re very approachable and people often enjoy having conversations with them. They have a personality type that gets along with just about everyone they meet. Not only are they charismatic but they’re also confident. They don’t care about other people’s opinions of them and they make decisions based on what makes them happy.

Position D

People who sit this way are calm and collected. When things are quickly getting out of hand and pressure is starting to get to them, they’re quick to revert back to a quiet space in their head, pause, and think of a proper way to resolve their problems. Instead focusing on their worries, they immediately look for solutions. They’re also very organized when it comes to planning and executing tasks. They are very reliable and you can count on them to always deliver good work.

 Position E

People who sit in this position are quiet and reserved. They enjoy listening to conversations and like to chip in occasionally. It’s in their nature to be observant of others and they notice the tiniest differences, even a colleague trimming their hair in the slightest bit. They’re also the type of people you can trust especially with secrets. They’re respectful of any information they’re told and will do their part to help and support you in any way they can.

Now that you know what your sitting position says about you, go ahead and share this information with your close friends. You might even realize that your sitting posture is the same as theirs and that’s because your personalities are alike! On the other hand, you could have totally opposite personalities that mesh well and that’s why your sitting positions are completely different from each other. Let us know what you find out!

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