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Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me: Shakes During Delivery


Sometimes we think we’re so prepared for the future and that we know everything about what’s going to happen. While childbirth can be an incredibly daunting event, months or preparation help calm nerves and increase understanding. Pregnant mothers read books, take classes, and listen intently to friends and mothers who share a surplus of details to help you better prepare for that big day. But no matter how much research you do or how many stories you listen to, there’s no way that you’ll know everything.


What People Don’t Tell You About Delivery

According to Rebecca Gruber, writer, published author, and mother, “Heading into my C-section, I was confident and full of anticipation. I knew what the procedure entailed and how long it would take. I knew the schedule for the baby afterward and had a plan so my husband would follow our baby as soon as he left the operating room. But once my son arrived, they came too soon–the shakes. Nobody warned me about the shakes.”

There are many things that occur during delivery that a mother might not have been warned about, but for Gruben, these surprise shakes were more than just minor shivers throughout her body that one feels when surprised, cold, or unnerved. She writes that it was “full-on, uncontrollable shaking that probably made me look like I was convulsing to the untrained eye.” (1)


Gruben explains that due to the endorphins, much of the experience isn’t clear in her memory. A delivery is an intense process that leaves mothers exhausted, so remembering the event clearly is a difficult task to maintain. According to Gruben, the shakes were “erased from my memory–but I do recall having trouble getting a full sentence out of my mouth because my teeth were chattering so hard.” She explains that these “shakes” lasted for a total of an hour, and she would not have remembered them occurring at all until they repeated themselves during the birth of her second son. (1)

Are Shakes During Delivery Normal?

Gruber explains the even in detail, describing how she’d received a spinal block and laid down on the table, then began to feel cold. “I asked the operating-room staff to raise the temperature in the room, at which point my husband told me the room was already very warm,” Gruben writes. “Before I could say anything else, the shakes set in, and this time they were uncontrollable!” (1, 3)

Where the shakes were due to an excess of nerves or some odd result of the painkillers, Gruben says she might never know. She simply explains that as soon as her second son lay in her arms, thoughts of the shakes disappeared from her mind. “But consider this your warning,” Gruben says. “The shakes are real, and they’re normal. They are part of your body’s recover (or in my case, preparation) and nothing to worry about–unless they’re accompanied by a fever.” (1)

The birth of a new life is a beautiful thing that is sure to come with its fair share of surprises! What crazy things happened to you during your delivery, and what other stories have you heard?



Abbey Ryan

Abbey Ryan

Abigail is an avid writer, determined traveler, incessant artist, and curious adventurer. She’ll try practically anything once, including eating shark, visiting foreign countries, jumping out of airplanes, hiking after midnight, and starting new businesses. Many of these she’ll do more than once, some she wouldn’t recommend doing at all, but that’s the fun of it, see? She completed her double major BA degree in two years, with a focus in Project Management and Human Resource Management with a Psychology minor. She graduated with honors from Liberty University in 2017. Currently, she lives somewhere in America with her new husband and works as a professional copywriter and researcher.
Abbey Ryan

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