Why People Who Marry Teachers End Up The Happiest

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Teachers are the best kind of people. Of course, seeing as both my parents are teachers, all four of my grandparents were teachers, and I have several aunts and uncles on both sides of the family who are teachers, my opinion may be just a little biased.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just looking at the facts is enough to discover not only how truly incredible teachers are, but also how being married to one truly can make you the happiest.

What It Takes To Teach

Being a teacher is so much more than just lecturing students and writing on a chalkboard. It’s more than planning lessons and grading papers. It’s even more than having to answer the question, “When are we going to use this in real life?” 7 times a day.

Teaching means wanting to make a difference in someone’s life. It means dedicating your time and attention to your students and keeping an eye out for them. It means becoming a role model, a mentor, a friend.

Teachers deserve so much more respect than they get. With very little pay, no rewards, and hardly a thank you, they still do their best to make each minute count in the classroom, and for their students.

Teaching is more than a career; it’s a lifestyle.

The Downsides Of Being Married To A Teacher

There is good and bad in every situation, and having a teacher for a spouse is no different. But, in a way, even the bad news isn’t so bad when you look at what you get in return.

  • The schedule. Teachers work long hours. There are always more assignments to grade, lessons to plan, and meetings to attend. The good news is, your spouse has probably learned how to work hard, multitask, and distribute their time wisely. And hey, the summer vacation is a plus!
  • The stress. Teaching isn’t a walk in the park. And if your spouse is a teacher, chances are you’ve had your fill of rants about difficult students, unfair policies, and unfinished projects. On the upside, your spouse has mastered the skill of dealing with difficult situations.
  • The priority. Teachers have a tendency to put their students first. This may mean a postponed date night, a permanent promise to “clean that up tomorrow”, and many lunches and dinners eaten alone. But even though it can be frustrating, when the time comes, you know that your spouse will be able to dedicate themselves as completely to you as he or she does to the classroom.

The Upsides Of Being Married To A Teacher

Here is where things get real. Of course, every teacher and every spouse is different so it is possible that not everything on this list will apply directly to you and your beloved teacher. But, more often than not, you will find these qualities in your spouse, and will be able to appreciate them for what they are.

  • Teachers are passionate. In order to stick to a career that involves as much repetition, hard work, and stress, and as as little pay as that of being a teacher, you have to be passionate about it. And that passion is something teachers can have in all areas of their life.
  • Teachers are selfless. Aside from helping students achieve a great education, teachers are changing lives through their example and kindness, even if they don’t get any thanks from the students, parents, or anyone else. Teachers are constantly putting others before themselves.
  • Teachers are motivating. Convincing a classroom of 30 plus students that math, science, or history rocks when the majority of kids would rather be watching a movie, that takes some real skill! Your spouse will be your cheerleader and motivator throughout your life, and keep you excited about even the simplest of things.
  • Teachers are good with kids. No doubt about it, your spouse’s experience with students will prepare him or her to raise your children. Your spouse will be able to help your kids through difficult problems, give great advice, and encourage them to be their best at all times.
  • Teachers are patient. A classroom full of crazy kids definitely teaches patience! Your spouse can handle stressful situations with grace and calm.
  • Teachers are fun. Having to stand in front of the class all day makes your spouse an excellent entertainer! Your partner knows how to have a good time both in and out of the classroom.


Whether you are considering marrying a teacher, just married a teacher, or have been married to a teacher for years, these facts are a great reminder about the happiness that can be found when life involves a teacher. Remember, there are always going to be difficult days. But the qualities that teachers are able to develop in the classroom will always come around for the win in your relationship.

By Emilyn Gil

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