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Why Some Suffer Before Passing Over


Did you know that there’s an underlying reason for why people sometimes experience suffering as they approach death?

Sherrie Dillard, a professional intuitive, medium and New Thought counsellor was once asked if she had an answer to why someone’s grandmother suffered for such a long time before passing away. Dillard resonated with this idea because she also witnessed her own mother experience pain at the face of death. She explains that there are several reasons behind this suffering and that the soul plays a significant role when crossing to the other side.

Why do people sometimes suffer before they die?


Recalling from her mother’s experience, Dillard explained that her mother suffered before death to “burn off” negativity and karma before entering the afterlife. According to her spiritual advisors, this release of negativity through pain allowed her to be relieved of emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical strains so that she can pass away blissfully.

The reason why the physical and mental realm experiences the pain involuntarily is because the soul instigates and controls it. As much as we believe that we have some form of influence over our bodies and certain measures we can take to relieve pain, it’s not always the case and nearing death is an example of that.

Various Other Reasons Someone Might Suffer Before Death

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A potential reason is that the physical body prolongs its suffering so that the soul has a chance to surface. Nearing the point of death, people realize the possibility of an eternal life and the way they further explore this possibility is by lengthening the life of their physical body and making frequent visits to the spiritual realm before transitioning over to the afterlife if it does exist.

Secondly, a dying person may find it difficult to leave the physical world because they feel that their loved ones are still attached to them. The person feels that staying longer, even if it prolongs suffering brings comfort to those around them. It’s an opportunity to mend unresolved quarrels and give way for forgiveness.


In addition, a person can also experience increased suffering to alleviate pain from strangers.

Suffering for Others

One night, Dillard received a call from her mother that she was in excruciating pain. She comforted her mother by asking, “If you knew that your suffering was helping children, could you do this?” Her mother said she could and that gave her a sense of peace believing that her pain was much stronger because she carried children’s suffering and in turn, it alleviated pain from them.

The idea of suffering for others isn’t exclusive to this situation. Dillard explains that some souls choose to suffer and as a result, burden and pain gets lifted off of others. It’s considered their final opportunity to do good deeds for others and in turn, it gives purpose to their suffering.


Although everyone wishes to die peacefully, sometimes suffering may be present as one approaches death. And while it’s an undesirable way to pass away, this article enlightens us that some people carry suffering for the benefit of others whether it’s for loved ones or for strangers who are also in pain. Nearing their final breath, some people’s souls are still committed to doing selfless deeds.

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