Woman Finishes Marathon Carrying Puppy She Rescued Along The Way

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Some may say the current state of the world is pretty bleak at the moment. So how about we take a look at a wholesome and inspiring story? What would you do if you found a lost puppy on the side of the road? How far would you be willing to go to ensure that the little fur baby made it someplace safe? Many of us would probably do nothing, but the hero in our story definitely took initiative!

Meet Khemjira Klongsanun; she may look like an ordinary girl from Bangkok, Thailand, but what you don’t know about her is that she really loves to run. She frequently participates in marathons and running contests, pushing herself to her limits. It’s a passion of hers. But want to know what she loves even more than running? That’s right, dogs!


Kehmjira KlongSanun Is A Hero

While running her latest marathon, Khemjira noticed something peculiar. She was nearly seven miles into her marathon when she noticed that there was a little puppy on the side of the road without a human or dog parent in sight. She could not ignore such a troubling image and halted her race in order to pick up the little puppy.

Most people would try to transfer the puppy to the authorities, perhaps animal control. But Kehmjira KlongSanun is not like most people. She sacrificed valuable time in her race in order to save a helpless puppy by carrying the little girl with her for the rest of the marathon. That means that she ran for nineteen miles while carrying a dog in her arms. This is no small achievement, even if it is just a tiny puppy!

With her brand new friend, Kehmjira KlongSanun finished the race, and together they crossed the finish line. You can watch the touching moment by clicking below.


Kehmjira KlongSanun Proves Herself Once Again

Now that the race was over, you might think that Kehmjira’s time with the puppy would also come to an end. But you would be wrong! Kehmjira KlongSanun continued to prove herself as a wonderful human by welcoming the lost dog into her home. That’s right, she adopted the little puppy, ensuring that it would have a forever home. She even gave the puppy an adorable name: Nong Chom!

Of course, she took little Nong Chom to the vet to ensure that she was healthy. Kehmjira KlongSanun even went the extra mile and returned to the location where she originally found Nong Chom to see if she could find its family. Unfortunately, it looked like this pup was truly alone and if Kehmjira KlongSanun hadn’t stepped in to save Nong Chom, then who knows what would have happened to her new canine companion?

Nong Chom’s New Life

Nong Chom is now adjusting to a new life at Kehmjira’s home.  She isn’t alone though. At least two other dogs are there to help teach her the lay of the land. We’re wishing Nong Chom a long and happy life in this new home. Every dog deserves the best and we are grateful that Kehmjira KlongSanun was able to save Nong Chom’s life. Such an endearing story. Here’s to them!

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