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Women Who Smoke Weed Have Higher IQ’s Than Those Who Don’t

Women Who Smoke Weed Have Higher IQ’s Than Those Who Don’t
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What do you think about cannabis? Yea or nay?

It is a controversial topic, isn’t it? There is more and more research on its benefits. More and more states decriminalizing or legalizing it for medical, and even recreational purposes. Yet, many are still on the opposing side, believing that cannabis is for ‘dopes’ only. (1)

The term ‘dope’ may be the furthest from the truth. According to new research, women who take cannabis may have a higher IQ than women who don’t.

The common belief that consuming cannabis has negative effects on brain function and leads to the reduction of brain processing, skills, and memory that can be irreversible in cases of long-term use may be completely incorrect.

Research Says Women With Higher IQ’s Are More Likely To Use Cannabis

A new research study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health studied 800 cannabis user females. They looked at their lifestyle, smoking habits, schooling level, and intelligence. Their results were not what many would expect. (2)

Turns out that most women in the cannabis smoker group had higher IQ’s than the average woman in the general public. They were 50% more intelligent than those who were less likely to smoke cannabis.

Why Cannabis User Women Have Higher IQ’s

The study showed that women who smoked cannabis had higher IQ’s, however, it didn’t provide an explanation for their higher intelligence. It didn’t clarify if those who are more likely to smoke cannabis are generally more intelligent or if cannabis itself had anything to do with the results. The phenomenon of higher IQ and cannabis is still unexplained.

Researchers speculate that those with higher IQ’s may be more open to new experiences, included trying cannabis. They may be more likely to seek new or exciting stimulation.

On the other hand, they may also be more likely to be aware of the science-backed health benefits of cannabis. They may be more open-minded to trying out its health benefits. They may be more interested in receiving natural health benefits from cannabis.

Lastly, they may also be more bored with the status quo. They may be inspired to be unique, and are curious to experience cannabis as a stimulus that can enhance their creativity or work.


There is certainly more research that is needed on the topic. The good news is that cannabis research is growing, and soon we will likely understand more. Laws are still different in each state. Enjoying the benefits of cannabis is not yet available to all. However, increasing research such as this is pushing policymakers towards the right direction. It is certainly an exciting time to see what direction cannabis research and use are headed in the US. (1)

What do you think about the benefits of cannabis? Share your thoughts in the comments with us. We would love to hear from you.

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