You Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident – 6 Types Of Cosmic Connections

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Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? How about when it comes to relationships? Do you believe that the people you meet are not by coincidence?

Many believe that this is true. Synchronicities are not just happenstances. Instead, they are meaningful coincidences. If you believe that people in your life are there for a reason, you know that people who come into your life are there to show you or teach you something. Whether you experience it as a positive or negative, whether they are there for a short time or become friends for life, or if they are family, they are important and have value for you. Everyone has something to teach you and you have something to teach everyone. We can all learn from each other. Believing in this can make life more magical and more beautiful, and yes, help you feel more connected.

Let’s look at six types of connections you may stumble upon in life.


6 Types Of Synchronistic Connections:


1. Those who come to remind you

People like this come into your life to remind you of something important. They may help you access knowledge deep inside your subconscious and even aid in understanding. While these people may not stay in your life forever (though they can), their influence will stay with you forever.

2. Those who make you grow

People like this are true teachers. Just as it sounds, they come into your life to teach you something. Unlike a school teacher, they help you access parts of your soul that help you grow existentially. These teachers help you become a better version of yourself and allow you to realize what has been holding you back. These kinds of connections help you understand who you truly are.

3. Those who are here to stay

These are long-term relationships that become part of your life forever. They are your true support system. They help you to feel more grounded. You create experiences and memories together. You have a bond that is stronger than the others.

4. Those who come to awaken you

These people may not seem like a positive influence at first. They shake your reality. They may even hurt you. You may wish you’ve never met them. Or they may just make you think and reconsider things in life. Either way, these people are essential for your growth. They have lessons to teach you, make you stronger, and force you to become a better person.

5. Those who hold space for you

These people won’t turn into long-term friends. While long-term relationships may not develop, these fleeting moments of connection in your life are important. During those moments they can help you feel less alone. Only with a few words or a glance, they can help you feel wanted. They can impact your life more than some who stick around for good.

6. Those who are meant to leave

Not every relationship is meant to last forever. These people were never meant to be part of your life for good. They may stay for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years, but eventually, the relationship has to end. They may even break your heart. Sometimes what you need in life is to not get your needs met, and these connections may end in pain. Yet, they provide an important learning and growing experience.


Whether you believe in cosmic connections or not, I bet you recognize many of your past or current relationships are on this list. Remember, no matter how long a connection lasts or how it makes you feel, it has an important impact on your life and growth, and that’s beautiful.

What relationships did you recognize on this list? Do you believe in cosmic connections? Share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you.

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