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8 Yoga Poses to Help Alleviate Low, Mid, and Upper Back Pain


Lower back pain is among the most common complaints citizens in the U.S. deal with every year. According to statistics from the Mayo Clinic, most adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives as everyone from high-trained athletes to office workers living a sedentary lifestyle can experience back pain. Thankfully for most of us, the pain is often only temporary. While others might experience more pain, that’s debilitating and more frustrating to treat.

For severe cases, medical attention is necessary but to less severe circumstances, yoga may help strength the back, improve circulation and stretch the spine and nerves for instant back pain relief. For pain relief, here are 8 incredible yoga poses to help in back pain treatment.

8 Incredible Yoga Poses to Help In Back Pain Treatment 

1. Child’s Pose


This low-key pose is an amazing way to wind down and relax from a long day of work. The child’s pose will stretch your hips and entire back. To begin, start on all four as your keep your arms forward. Sit as your position your butt to rest on your heels. Take deep breaths and hold, allowing your breath to reach towards your hips. You will feel instant relief the more you extend your body in either direction.


2. Spinal Twist

Start by keeping your right leg straight and bend your right leg to keep it flat. Place your left hand on the ground for support and twist as you hook your left elbow over the left thigh. Take 7 deep breaths and simply repeat.

3. Eagle’s Pose


The Eagle’s pose is an advanced yoga posture that requires strength and balance as you stretch your entire back. Start with your knees slightly bent and lift your left leg. Reach your left thigh over your right in a twisted form. With your foot pointed towards the floor, allow your leg to balance with your toes on the ground.

As for the arms, take your left arm and bring it under the right. Bend your elbows and bring the palms of your hands together. This pose will give you the ultimate stretch by moving your hands and elbows away from your face.

4. Plow Pose

Start with your hips bent as your bring your toes and feet to the floor. Allow your hands to support your back or clasp them together for control. Keep your forearms on the floor and hold as long as comfortable to get a full-body stretch in your spine and shoulders. Use a chair and rest your feet on the chair if this position is too advanced for you.

5. Downward Dog


The most iconic pose in yoga is the downward dog. It allows your entire body to rejuvenate as your raise your hips in an upside-down V position. Keep your head and neck relaxed as your draw your inner thighs back. Spread your shoulder blades apart as your stretch your back and lift your hips up to open your lower back. Take 7 deep breaths and repeat.

6. Locust Pose

A great way to strength your buttocks and back is to lie on your stomach with your arms on your side. Keep your palms up and forehead flat on the ground. Slowly raise your head, arms, torso and legs away from the floor. Your thighs should be slightly rotated – allowing you feel your body stretch from head to toe. Keep this pose for 1 minute. Relax for another 30 seconds and repeat this pose three more times.

7. Triangle Pose


The triangle pose can help prevent severe back and joint pain relief by strengthening and stretching the back. Begin standing with your feet 3 ft. Apart and parallel to each foot. Rotate your left foot to allow the right heel to stay in line with the arch of the right foot. Extend your arms to the side as your tilt your hips and reach your left hand towards the ground.

Slowly rotate your body to you side and lift your right hand towards the sky. Let your body gaze at your right hand and hold for seven breaths. Switch sides and repeat.

8. Bow Pose 


Start by lying face down with your hands reaching towards your ankles. Be sure to grab one hold at a time as you slowly raise your thighs and chest away from the floor. Raise your chest forward and your thighs up. This pose is a great way to strength your back muscles.

If you have a back injury or condition, remember to take this pose easily and not force yourself to bend more than your body is able.

Always be sure to listen to your body. Prevention is the key to preventing severe back pain and living a pain-free life. Never force a posture that may cause an injury and make it your pain worse. Daily yoga practice will also bring instant joint pain relief. Be sure to consult your health care position before you begin any physical exercise. If you experience extreme pain, seek medical attention immediately.



Sophie Addison

Sophie Addison

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Sophie Addison

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